Farooq: Annulling Art 370, 35A will tantamount to a constitutional coup

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 7/21/2019 12:47:51 PM

SRINAGAR, July 20: National Conference president and member of parliament from Srinagar Dr Farooq Abdullah on Saturday said annulling Article 370, Article 35A will tantamount to a constitutional coup.
He said that Article 370 is essential and unassailable until the final resolution of the state was reached.
Farooq was addressing a convention of workers at environment park Handwara. He said that powers in New Delhi were frightened of National Conference and the very thought of NC coming back to power sends jitters through them.
“They are well aware of the fact that until NC remains in the state it will painstakingly protect the interests of the state. They are frightened of us. Anxious and unnerved, New Delhi has employed various henchmen in the state to frustrate the efforts of NC towards protecting the special status of our state,” he said.
Party president, while underscoring the need for rallying around the flag of the party, said, “Today we see some parties coming up in every nook and alley of Kashmir. You all have to remain very cautious about their nefarious designs. They are the agents and second in-command of New Delhi in the state. Their sole mission is to frustrate the efforts aimed at protecting the interests of the state. At present we see them tricking people through high-sounding statements. You all should remain cautious about their trickery. They are here to add colour to the nefarious designs of those forces as are inimical to our special status. If they have had a speck of concern for the interests of the state, they would have assisted National Conference in its efforts to protect the special constitutional position of the state. However, they cannot. They are here to serve the interests of New Delhi only and not the state”.
The party president who was very vocal in rejecting the attacks on Article 370 said, not even a single day passes, when enemies cry about the temporality of the Article 370. "Yes, the Article was deemed to be temporary unless the issue of the state was not resolved. However, the issue is still lingering around; therefore, the Article 370 will continue to remain around. The accession of the state took place in unusual circumstances. The Maharaja who was rather vacillating did not want to accede to any of the two dominions. He wanted the erstwhile state to remain free. However, that didn’t happen. He had to make a choice in extra-ordinary circumstances.
Keeping in view the special circumstances, Art 370 was added to the Constitution of India. The Article will remain as it is until the final resolution of the issue of Jammu and Kashmir is not reached. That resolution hasn’t been reached yet. So until the issue is solved, no power on earth can touch Article 370. The uneducated rants of those who want to obliterate Article 370 are far-fetched, fanciful and devoid of any genuineness,” he said adding, “we are fighting for our rights. Our struggle is based on principles. We are seeking our rights. It is people of the state from whom we draw our energy, and god willing we will continue with our mission," Farooq said.
Referring to Article 35A, the party president said that the Article 35A was the fall out of Article 370 and fiddling with it will upset all the successive amendments to the presidential of 1954. “If Article 35A is annulled, then all the successive presidential orders will get annulled automatically. It was the then Maharaja who gave the state subject rights to the people of state in 1927,” he said adding, “it is the prime duty of the NC workers, functionaries to apprise the people living in towns and villages about the impending threats on our special position. The need of the hour calls for making people alert about the consequences of repealing Article 370, Article 35A," NC leader said.



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