KWJA, KJA outraged by insinuating report

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 7/20/2019 11:21:01 AM

KEG to take legal recourse over ‘TOI’ report

SRINAGAR, July 19: Kashmir Editors Guild (KEG) has taken a strong exception to a news report published from Srinagar in ‘The Times of India’ and has decided to take legal recourse over the report.
The editors termed the TOI report, which casts aspersions on the Kashmir based journalists as malicious, propagandistic, motivated and defamatory, said a statement issued by KEG.
They said the report has raised points questioning the integrity of the members associated with KEG and the Kashmir Press Club (KPC), terming them as a creation of ISI and ‘Jehadi Journalists’.
Notably, KPC conducted its first elections last week wherein a managing body was elected through an overwhelming participation of journalists working in Kashmir and the entire exercise was appreciated by all quarters in the state.
The editor’s body felt perturbed over the consequences of such a life threatening piece of reportage published by TOI.
KEG is a body of not more than 15 distinguished editors and has been working for the issues facing the media.
It has been there since 2008 and even earlier.
Meanwhile, Kashmir Working Journalist Association (KWJA) and Kashmir Journalists Association (KJA) are outraged by an insinuating report published by the Times of India which uses unsubstantiated allegations to malign and endanger the journalist fraternity of Kashmir and respected institutions like the newly formed Kashmir Press Club, Kashmir Editors Guild, and the daily Kashmir Reader.
“We find it unfortunate that the Times of India has given space to such an insinuating report based on its reporter M Salim Pandit’s fantasies and bred out of his personal grouses,” a joint statement issued by KWJA and KJA said, adding, Pandit is no stranger to controversies, slander and whimsical allegations mostly based on his personal animosities and fantasies.
The reporter is taking shelter in unnamed sources to defame fellow journalists and journalistic institutions in Kashmir, branding them as creations and proxies of Pakistan based agencies.
The reporter has in the past often brought disgrace to the institution of journalism through his fabricated reports and actions. Ironically the author is trying to cast aspersions on Kashmir Press Club even though he had been appointed the president of its first (ad hoc) managing body, with the support of Kashmir Editors Guild.
“His grouses lie in the fact that he was asked to step down by other members after a series of controversies and disgraceful public behaviour on his part,” it said.
KWJA and KJA condemn the shameful actions of the reporter and the irresponsible behaviour of the newspaper in giving space to a baseless report.
It hopes that the newspaper will take corrective action by publishing a corrigendum and bringing down the report from its online edition. At the same time, KWJA and KJA urge the Kashmir Press Club to initiate an inquiry into the irresponsible behaviour of its member M Salim Pandit with the aim to seek answers from him for his irresponsible behaviour.



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