Prayer and a Difficult Day..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 6/26/2019 10:28:51 AM

"How was your day Bob?" asked a friend to me.
"Tiring!" I said.
"Forgot to pray huh?"
"I got up in the morning, looked out of the window and saw the sun was already up, and lighting the leaves and branches. The birds seemed to have already got their first worm and maybe their tenth! It seemed the beginnings of a good, peaceful day!"
"And so, you forgot to pray huh?"
"No," I said, "I prayed! I prayed for God's presence for the day, and then the phone rang…"
"After you prayed?"
"Yes, somebody had fallen and needed to be rushed to the hospital. He was a heavy drinker and his nephew called me, as his family wasn't here!"
"So what did you do?"
"I found I couldn't find my car key. I searched and searched and finally, went down and borrowed my neighbour's car, put my friend inside and rushed to the hospital!"
"All this after praying?"
"And then my friend puked in my neighbour's car, and I felt terrible, but couldn't think of the mess as I got him admitted and got the doctors to see to him!"
"Was the sun still shining?"
"Now that you ask, it had started raining, and I had forgotten to take my umbrella to the hospital, but I somehow stood in the rain and cleaned the mess in the car, and then drove home!"
"Quite a morning huh?"
"Yes, and then his wife rang me up, and said she had no money to pay for the hospital, and suddenly I saw my bank balance dwindling as I took some money out and paid for the hospital admission!" I said.
"And now you are dead tired Bob?"
"Yes!" I said.
"And do you still believe in prayer?"
"Of course I do!" I said, "Why?"
"You prayed, didn't you, and all this happened?"
"All this," I told my friend, "would have happened anyway, but at every hour of the day I felt God's presence. I panicked when I couldn't find the car key, and there was my neighbour's car! I felt terrible when he dirtied the car, but as I stood in the rain and washed it clean, I felt God washing me clean and the rain, relaxing my aching muscles. And when I realized that the man had no money, I was happy God had given me money in the bank enough to pay for my friend!"
"So, God answers prayer?"
"Oh yes!" I said, "On easy days, he gives me rest, and on days of difficulty, strength..!"



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