The Silence of the Church..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 9/13/2018 12:43:18 AM

With rape accusations flying around, the church seems to be eerily silent!
The Christian church in India, has become like the market place-synagogue, Jesus walked into over 2000 years ago, and where with righteous indignation drove out the money changers and others doing business there! What we need is that same Jesus coming into our Church.
There's looting, rapes, bullying and more than anything else a deathly silence in the church! A silence that can only be dealt with by the One who gave us tongues to speak. And Him will I try through my imagination to bring to you now, "Jesus!" I shout, "Thank you for coming!"
"Who is this?" shout the bishops, cardinals and other priests of all denominations, "We can deal with the government, the police, the courts and the judges. But who is this?"
"The One who you talk about from your pulpits!" says Jesus, sadness writ on His face. "How is that you, who have appointed yourselves leaders of my flock, do not hear the cries I hear.."
"Lord, I've been raped!"
"Lord, the church's lands have been stolen!"
"Lord, save us from the Church!"
"Those are the cries of my people!" says Jesus, tears streaming down his face, "Why are they crying? Not against any oppressive government or police, but against you?"
"Lord!" says a priest, seemingly the spokesman, "We are only a two percent minority in this country!"
"So?" asks the Lord.
"What will the rest say, if all this becomes public? What will people think of us?"
"Think of you, or think of me?" asks Jesus.
"Think of the church!"
"The church! whispers Jesus. The priests watch as He stands up. They watch as he holds out his hands and stretches his feet towards them, "Look!" says Jesus, "Look at the nail marks still there: Scars that will never go away. Do you know who did this?"
"The Romans!" mutter the clergy together.
"No!" says Jesus, "Not the Romans, but the church of that time! And do you know why they did this?"
"Why Lord?" ask the priests, a quivering in their voices.
"Because they could not bear to recognize the Truth!" says Jesus, "They, like you had got used to the trappings of religious power! Beautiful synagogues, like your ornamental churches. Women serving them, like the nuns who serve you, and people worshipping them instead of worshipping me, that they lost touch with the God, they were supposed to represent! That, my dear people has also happened to you!"
"No!" whisper the priests.
"Yes!" shouts a visibly angry Jesus, "And just as much as I did to those money changers and other users of my Temple, I will do to you, when you finally stand before me! I came to set the people free from guilt and pain, not lie scared under a new bondage!"
I look at leaders of the church. "Forget, what people say! Just do what Jesus would do..!"



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