50 years to 'give India the Hindu soul'

By Aditya Aamir. Dated: 9/12/2018 12:13:59 PM

But people wanted 'acche din' in five years

Amit Shah says the BJP will rule for 50 years, i.e., till 2069 from 2019. By then Amit Shah will be history as will Narendra Modi along with an entire generation. Whether Modi and Shah get to become statues on the Sabarmati will depend on whether 50 years is time enough for the BJP to reverse Nehruvian socialism and transplant it with a 'Hindu soul'. Note that 50 years is less than the 70+ so far after Independence.
Of course, all this could be just poll-related rhetoric. The BJP has chosen "confidence" to win 2019 when it should be cringing at the current reality, which is spelled out in dollar terms and fuelled by petrol price. What is the idea of economics for the BJP? Is it to keep the middle class queued and riled by taxing it and use the lode thus collected to dole the poor?
Who is paying for smartphones to the Rajasthan voter? Is it the party or the taxpayer? Fools with smartphones, especially grateful fools with smartphones, will vote for favour done. Four voters in one family are four smartphones; three will vote for the BJP, one may not, but that is okay. Can the BJP buck anti-incumbency and dire prospects in Vasundhara's state?
BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad, who along with Nirmala Sitharaman are gifted HMV, says Shah is confident to win BJP 2019 because of the Modi government's "performance", which at the current rate of petrol and dollar doesn't hold much purchase in the voter's mind. But then we don't know what the housewife at the Chula and the Muslim woman thrown outdoors with Triple-T think, do we?
An India Today TV opinion poll released Sunday says 56 percent voters want Modi to remain Prime Minister going into 2020. That will happen only if the BJP trounces a combined opposition, the mahagathbandhan. The same poll has 35 percent wanting Rahul Gandhi anointed Prime Minister. That will happen only if the combined opposition wins 272 seats with Congress getting the biggest chunk.
India Today TV is a serial poll-surveyor. Every time it lags in TRP, it rolls out an opinion poll and gets quoted in Metro trains and around card games - a case of Patte Pe Patta! The latest poll gives the BJP fair warning that Rajasthan will be where saffron might get coloured over; Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh not so much because of PM Modi's 56 percent rating, which by the way matches his 56" chest.
"Pata Nahi Kaun Si duniya Mein Hai," says Rahul Gandhi of Modi. "Bhashan dete rahte hain." The first of the Rafale jet will be in India by end-2019 and Modi's Rafale deal is what Rahul attacks. "The Rs 4,500 crore is that of the youth and farmers of Hindustan, not Narendra Modi's." Rahul was speaking at the party's rally at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi, coinciding with the opposition's Bharat Bandh.
If choking cities and towns was the goal, the bandh call given to protest the fuel price "hike" - a "rise" is different - was a success in several states; the entire opposition was in the same lane and Rahul voiced the "unity" at Ramlila Maidan. Rahul has returned rejuvenated from his climb to Kailash Parvat. But why have Mayawati and Mamata Banerjee gone to ground? Neither lady figured in the India Today TV's 'PM Stakes'.
Meanwhile, there is talk of giving an Indic core to the Constitution, return to India her 'Hindu soul'. Fifty years should be enough to bring about the transfer. "What would you say about the Indian State with a Hindu soul?" asks the Indic.
The answer is part of the package: "The bottom-line is, the Nehruvian republic is past its sell-by date. We should deconstruct it and establish a new republic, preferably whose soul is Indic, essentially Hindu. To be clear, the call is not to dismantle the Indian state but to rid itself of its Nehruvian mores." Modi calls it 'Invincible India, Firm BJP.'
In 2004, the BJP with 'Shining India' flopped. It could not position itself to reconstruct, forget deconstruct. The question is what's fuelling BJP's ambitions/cockiness? What does Modi/Shah have up their sleeves? The people wanted Acche Din in Paanch Saal not 50 Saal, remember? A Hindu soul will make all of us slaves of Vishwa Hindu Parishad's Sanatan Dharma. With petrol/diesel so dear, people want sandals and slippers, leather soles!
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