Massive traffic jams continue to choke Srinagar, commuters suffer

FARZANA SYED. Dated: 9/12/2018 12:08:10 PM

Taking steps to streamline traffic, department

SRINAGAR, SEP 11: While prolonged traffic mess has become a huge cause of concern across Srinagar city these days, the department of traffic has failed to streamline the same despite claiming to make efforts.
Increase in the vehicular movement across the city, particularly in the busy junctions, has been causing prolonged traffic jams along several routes of Srinagar almost every single day.
The continued traffic jams have been choking the city. Massive presence of traffic along the stretches of Dalgate, Jehangir Chowk, TRC, Pantha Chowk, Batamaloo, Qamaarwari, Karan Nagar, HMT, Rambagh, and several other areas has become order of the day, while the unabated traffic jams have been choking the city for past several weeks.
The continued traffic chaos along city routes has become a source of huge annoyance for the commuters.
Pertinently the movement of public transport at snail's pace has always worsened traffic situation.
While the senior officers at department of traffic police revealed that department has taken certain measures across the city to ensure smooth regulation of vehicular movement, traffic mess continues to prevail along several areas.
The traffic officials said that the initiatives taken recently by the department, which included disallowing Street vendors from occupying footpaths, streets, would help to minimize the traffic chaos across city.
However, along the routes from Dalgate to Pantha Chowk, massive traffic jams continue for hours together. At the same time the stretch from Jehangir Chowk to Iqbal Park witnesses massive traffic chaos every day.
Moreover, the traffic chaos continues from Batamaloo towards HMT.
“Off late, the traffic department has taken several measures to minimise the menace of traffic jams. There was a lot of improvement after the department acted upon illegal road encroachment, illegal parking across Srinagar. Traffic department is working with serious concern to streamline the city traffic. However, the increase in vehicles and lesser roads are responsible for the increasing mess," PRO at department of traffic police said.
"For smooth regulation of traffic movement across city department has assigned in charge inspectors in every part of the busy junction like Jehangir Chowk, Rambagh, Dalgate Batamaloo areas, " said an official at traffic department Srinagar.
Over the years, illegal car parking has also added to the traffic mess along city. While the department claims to have taken measures against the illegal parking of vehicles the same is not being implemented in spirit.
“The major cause of traffic jams has been vendors occupying footpaths and illegal parking,” officials said.
They said the traffic department was taking steps against the violation of traffic rules which included illegal car parking in city areas especially the Lal Chowk, KaranNagar.
However, despite claims massive traffic jams have become an every day affair in Srinagar.



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