Life of Pandits in Valley put at risk to divert attention from article 35A, 370: KPSS

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 9/12/2018 11:59:22 AM

SRINAGAR, Sep 11: Kashmiri Pandit Sangarash Samiti (KPSS) has alleged that lives of Pandits living in Kashmir has been put at risk to divert attention from article 35A and 370.
In a statement, Sanjay K Tickoo, president KPSS said the situation has been created by a misleading news report by national media regarding threat to Pandits in Valley.
“Right now the state of Jammu and Kashmir is facing political instability and amid this political chaos the news item telecast by national media about the so called threat to the Kashmiri Pandits living in Kashmir Valley is aimed at increasing the trust deficit among the population living in the Valley,” he said
KPSS strongly believes that the religious minuscule minority (Kashmiri Pandit) is living in Kashmir Valley of his own and the kind of relationship maintained within their respective neighbourhood.” It seems that the news item about life threat to the Pandits in Kashmir Valley is a hoax pre-planned conspiracy and is aimed at to sacrifice the Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir Valley by some vested interest to gain political mileage and to distract people’s attention from the issues related to article 35-A and article 370. It also seems that by sacrificing the religious minuscule minority (Kashmiri Pandit) in Kashmir Valley, the vested interest agencies who are planning to do this heinous crime, want to justify the removal of constitutional articles, which give special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir, before the world bodies,” Tickoo said.
He added after the news items was flashed in the national media, “some un-scrupulous elements at some places who belong to the local majority community are creating communal tension and are causing harassment and threat to the local Kashmiri Pandit population.” “While these elements openly telling the people that if these Kashmiri Pandits had not continued to live in the Valley, the security forces would not have come during the night hours to disturb the majority community living in the area. Now, the onus also lies on the local majority community who always say that the Kashmiri Pandits should return to their native places. But on the contrary they are unable to stop these un-scrupulous elements with vested interests who want to permanently damage and dislodge the Kashmiri Pandits living in the Valley,” Tickoo claimed.
He added that Kashmiri Pandit have full faith in the masses and more particularly on their respective neighbourhood, who always stand at the hour of need and will not allow past mistakes to happen again which can permanently damage the social fabric of Kashmir Valley. “We believe in unity against those trying to destroy our existence in Kashmir Valley. It is impressed upon all the Kashmiri Pandit residents living in Kashmir Valley to remain cautious and if they see or feel anything untoward in their respect areas of residence, they should beat their roof tops to inform their immediate neighborhood about the security issue. Also we request the majority community to attend the call of distress after hearing the noise created by beating of roof tops by their immediate Kashmiri Pandit neighbour,” KPSS president added.



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