Central Water Commission sans flood monitoring for J&K

FARZANA SYED. Dated: 9/10/2018 2:51:26 PM

SRINAGAR, Sep 9: September 5 marked the fourth year of devastating floods that had hit Kashmir valley in year 2014. The deluge wrecked havoc across Kashmir putting a question mark over the disaster management, preparedness and many other things related to it.
Pertinently, flash floods hit the valley several times after 2014 floods though the magnitude of destruction was not that high.
One of the major concerns has been the lack of flood monitoring system for Jammu and Kashmir at Central Water Commission (CWC) which is India’s leading water resources body and provides flood forecasts and predictions while issuing flood alerts.
The monitoring system also monitors the situation so that the states under the threat get ready to tackle with the flood like circumstances.
However, for J&K there is no forecasting system with CWC.
According to the officials, the monitoring system is usually based on the hydrological and meteorological inter-related setup and provides hydrographs for rivers and several areas therefore detecting the flood scenario.
CWC consequently issues advisories to the vulnerable locations to get them alerted for dealing with the situation.
Inclusion of the flood forecast system for Jammu and Kashmir could have provided a slight respite; however, same has not been done yet.
“There is no flood forecast system for the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The process is on for the same. Though to some extent we could detect and we had issued warnings to the Irrigation and flood control department of J&K,” said V.D Roy, of CWC.
According to the officials at CWC the forecast system includes a monitoring set up which gets future scenario detected.
They said the flood monitoring system is an early warning system which detects the water levels and provides major alerts and flood forecast. The official sources revealed that since the September deluge a demand was pressed for the implementation of food forecast system for J&K. However, as of now no initiatives have been taken by the government.
Sheikh Ashiq of Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) said that in the aftermath of 2014 deluge, the trade organization had chaired several meetings with the administration and forwarded the demand for the implementation of flood monitoring system for the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
He says that given the precipitation scenario and lack of basic infrastructure there was an immediate need for the implementation of flood forecast set up for Kashmir.
“We need a proper monitoring system which could at least get people alerted if there is a flood threat. In several meetings we have pressed this demand but as of now no initiatives have been taken by the central government.” he said.
The incessant rainfall has time and again resulted in a flood like situation in the J&K state.
While the memories of horrific September floods are afresh, the regular flood threats have always created panic and concern among the people.
Though, the administration claims of making efforts to tackle with the situation, yet no initiatives have been taken on ground level while Kashmir has witnessed flood like situation several times since 2014.



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