Govt terminates services of 65 medicos

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 9/9/2018 12:37:14 AM

SRINAGAR, Sep 8: The Governor’s Administration today terminated services of 65 doctors for unauthorised extended absence from their duties.
According to an order issued by the Health and Medical Education Department, the doctors despite being served repeated notices did not resume their duties and their cases were accordingly examined thoroughly in the department in light of the rule position governing the subject.
It said the act of not resuming duties is a voluntary act on their part to abandon their services which warrants the end of employer and employee relationship under Article 128 J&K CSR Vol-I.
According the services of 65 doctors have been terminated for unauthorized absence from duty. They included Dr Arun Kumar Sharma son of Brahm Dutt Sharma Consultant Physician, Dr Harvinder Singh son of Aya Singh Bali, Medical Officer, Dr Arti Rajput daugher of Karan Singh, Medical Officer, Dr Aruna Bhagat daughter of Bal Krishan Bhagat, Medical Officer, Dr Deepali Raina daughter of Kumar Raina, Medical Officer, Dr Susheel Kumar Pandita son of Jawahar Lal Pandita, Medical Officer, Dr Iram Mir daughter of Mir Munnir, Medical Officer, Dr Neenu Koul daughter of Moti Lal Kaul, Medical Officer, Dr Abhinav Raina son of Pavan Kumar Raina, Medical Officer , Dr Amit Badgal son of Ram Dass, Medical Officer, Dr Neeraj Tekkar son of Baldev Raj Tekkar, Medical Officer, Dr Kusam daughter of Krishan Chand Sharma, Medical Officer, Dr Dinesh Singh Chowhan son of Suraj Parkash Chauhan, Medical Officer, Dr Mamta daughter of Harbans Lal, Medical Officer, Dr Rakesh Koul son of Jawahir Lal Koul, Medical Officer, Dr Satyander Singh son of Kabul Singh, Medical Officer, Dr Vimal Pandita son of Brij Nath Pandita, Medical Officer, Dr. Ashwani Kumar Sharma Son of Rajinder Parshad, Medical Officer, Dr Vikram Singh Son of Vidya Lal, Medical Officer, Dr. Amit Sahni son of Kamal Kishore Sahni, Medical Officer, Dr. Sandeep Koul Son of Rajinder Kaul, Medical Officer, Dr. Vikas Chandel son of Jaswant Singh, Medical Officer, Dr. Aashia Sheikh Daughter of Nazir Ahmed Sheikh, Medical Officer, Dr. Poonam Malhotra daughter of Ashok Malhotra , Medical Officer, Dr Rakesh Roshan Son of Roshan Lal Tarakroo, Consultant Paed, Dr. Ankush Tambotra son of Gurdas Ram Bhagat, Medical Officer, Dr. Kuldeep Kumar Son of Suram Chand, Medical Officer, Dr. Ankush Singh Kotwal son of D.K Kotwal, Medical Officer, Dr. Mamta Arora daughter of Yograj Arora, Medical Officer, Dr. Sapna Raina daughter of Surinder Raina, Consultant Gyne, Dr. Shakura Bhat wife of Dr. Arfat Waheed, Consultant Gyne, Dr. Agniveesh Tickoo son of R.B Tickoo, Medical Officer, Dr Neha Sharma daughter of Bodraj Sharma, Medical Officer, Dr. Athar Bashir Son of Bashir Ahmad, Medical Officer, Dr. Arshid Hussain Bhat Son of Ali Mohd. Bhat, Consultant Surgeon, Dr. Nasir Muzaffar Son of Muzaffar Ahmad, Consultant Ortho, Dr. Nargis Andrabi daughter of Shamsudin Andrabi, Medical Officer, Dr. Imran Mumtaz Son of Mumtaz Ahmad Sheikh, Consultant Ortho, Dr. Ozair Bin Majid Son of Abdul Majid, Medical Officer, Dr. Shabnum Gulshan Daughter of Bilal-ul-Rehman, Consultant Anaesthesia, Dr. Ab Queem Khan Son of Gh. Hassan Khan, Medical Officer, Dr. Shafat Ahmad Mir Son of Mohd Maqbool Mir, Medical Officer, Dr. Sheikh Qayoom Son of Mohd Yousuf Sheikh , Medical Officer, Dr. Firdous Ahmad Bhat Son of Gh. Mohammad Bhat, Medical Officer, Dr. Tanvir Nazir Son of Nazir Ahmad Lone, Consultant ENT, Dr. Yasser Ahmad Bhat Son of Habib-ul-lah Bhat, Medical Officer, Dr. Adil Farooq Malik Son of Farooq Ahmad Malik, Medical Officer, Dr. Sulmaz Reshi Daughter of Fayaz Ahmad Reshi, Medical Officer, Dr. Ahtesham Ahmad Qureshi son of Mir Gulam Ahmad Qureshi, Dental Surgeon, Dr. Nazia Bashir Daughter of Bashir Ahmad Bhat, Medical Officer, Dr. Seema Nazir Daughter of Nazir Ahmad Turay, Medical Officer, Dr. Syed Majid Husain Son of Syed Afzal Zaidi, Consultant ENT, Dr. Naveed Khan Galzie Son of Dr. Muneer Ahmad Khan, Medical Officer, Dr. Fayaz Ahmad Bhat Son of Ab. Gani Bhat, Medical Officer, Dr. Muzamil Mustafa Son of Ali Mohd Mugloo, Medical Officer, Dr. Nucksheeba Aziz Daughter of Ab. Aziz, Medical Officer, Dr. Shabir Ahmad Wani Son of Assad-ullah-Wani, Consultant Paediatrics, Dr. Hakim Imran Hussain Son of Hakim Ghulam Rasool, Medical Officer, Dr Hina Altaf W/o Dr Omer Sharief Kirmani, Medical Officer, Dr. Amina Bashir daughter of Bashir Ahmad Khan, Medical Officer, Dr. Mohd Iqbal Mir Son of Habibullah Mir, Medical Officer, Dr. Beenish Mukhtar Daughter of Haamid Mukhtar, Medical Officer, Dr. Asima Khan Daughter of Gh Ahmad Khan, Medical Officer, Dr. Vamiq Rasool Son of Mirza Gh Rasool Beigh, Medical Officer and Dr. Niyaz Jan son of Mir Ghulam Ali Jan, Medical Officer.



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