Ex minister ridicules boycott call of election of basic democracies

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 9/5/2018 10:55:38 PM

JAMMU, Sep 5: The former Union Minister, Prof Chaman Lal Gupta has ridiculed the rant for plebiscite to decide the future of Kashmir although it was termed as redundant even by the then Secretary General of UNO, Kofi Anan several years back.
In a statement, he said that this much talked UN resolution was adopted in 1948. The first and foremost part of the said resolution was that Pakistan would vacate the J&K held areas and restore the pre-1947 position. But it was never done. The entire population complexion was changed. There were over 35 percent Hindu, Sikh and other minorities in what is now ironically called as Azad Kashmir. In this part not a single member of the minority community has been left. They were massacred and what so ever left, were forced to have conversion, Prof Gupta added and further pointed out that in wake of Indus Water Treaty in 1962, Pakistan has unauthorisedly raised huge structure on the river Jehlum, known as Mangla Dam.
This submerged the historic city of Mirpur and hundreds of adjoining villages. Because of this massive structure to benefit Pakistan lakhs of people of PoK had to desert from PoK and they migrated even to UK and gulf countries.
Not only the demographic character has been changed over the years but also so many cantonments of permanent nature have been constructed and above all over fifty training centers for training of terrorists have been set up there to carry on proxy war against India for about three decades now. This has caused great loss of life and the social fabric to the extent that lakhs of the natives have been forced to leave the Vale of Kashmir to become refugees within their own country, he told.
But it is height of bigotry that cronies of Pak in Kashmir still continue to harp for plebiscite to decide its future. They have little regard for human values and continue their trade on human blood and sufferings of the peace loving people who are being forced as their hostages but with the terror being created with killings and abductions of the innocents, he alleged and said that no civilized world can approve all this, he maintained.
Chaman Lal Gupta ridiculed the boycott call of the election of the basic democracies by the separatists and observed these polls were just to empower the people at the grass root level for preparing and executing the developmental activities. But it sounds strange that separatists do not like even this betterment of the masses.
He maintained that legally and constitutionally J&K is an integral part of India and Pakistan has no locus standii except that of being an aggressor. But much of the problems in Kashmir were the result of the follies and blunders committed by Congress leadership especially by Jawahar Lal Nehru to pamper certain dubious characters even at the cost of national interests.
He said that the valley alone is not the entire J&K but it was an irony that certain zealots were creating the hell of situation to endanger peace and tranquility but at the instance of their masters across the borders. Their designs should be defeated.



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