Gifts from non-relations be banned

Kashmir Times. Dated: 8/6/2018 3:20:52 PM

Dear Editor,
It refers to noble example set by the then Revenue Secretary (now Union Finance Secretary) who on 08.11.2016 deposited all Diwali-gifts received in his absence at office or residence with government-Toshakhana handled by Union Ministry of External Affairs, straight away refusing to accept when he was personally present at his office or residence.
Hansmukh Adiya should name who offered these gifts so that such people may be booked under recently legislated Anti-corruption Bill which provides for action against bribe-givers also.
Gifts need to categorized as bribes.
Central and state governments should remind all concerned ones including Parliamentarians not to accept gifts by non-relations. Gifts received in absence should be deposited in Toshakhana.
All those getting salaries from public-exchequers should file an annual statement of gifts received with their respective authorities naming also who made the gifts.
Such details should be put on respective websites of public-authorities. Even there have been cases of judges in higher courts who oblige by receiving Diwali-gifts and at their family-functions sometimes through their relations.
Since society does not reform itself, central government should impose a total ban on gifts, cash-envelopes, costly platters by non-relations at family-functions and festivals. In earlier time, system was devised for a noble cause of assisting non-affording ones to perform marriages of daughters.
But with changing time, cash-envelopes and costly gifts have become a show of unholy status which in fact is a forced and compulsory burden especially for middle-income in a status-conscious society. Parents of brides are forced to present cash-envelopes, costly gifts and fancy platters of sweets and fruits to relations and friends of grooms.
All this is responsible for taking birth of girl-child in a family as bane rather than boon. Banning gifts will make people enjoy in such functions with happy mindset without realizing it as a burden to attend such functions, apart from checking extra-ordinary traffic for distributing Diwali-gifts.
—Madhu Agrawal,
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba, Chandni Chowk Delhi.



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