Silent Prime Minister award..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 4/16/2018 2:25:29 PM

Very few know that like the Oscars, the Global Leadership Organization confers awards on world leaders for qualities displayed during their tenure at the helm. At the Global Leadership Awards Night, the audience waits for the most ‘Silent Prime Minister of the Year,’ award to be announced. There is pin drop silence as the emcee opens the envelope, “We have only one nomination for the ‘Silent Prime Minister’ award, as much as Trump was our only nomination for ‘Loudmouth of the Year award!” he says to the hushed audience, “and before I announce his name, we will show you some scenes which helped this Prime Minister win the nomination.”
The giant screen comes alive, and a man is seen running to a Prime Minister:
“Mr Prime Minister, a little eight-year old girl has been raped and killed! She was kidnapped by a police officer, taken into a temple and assaulted! Mr Prime Minister are you listening?”
“The Prime Minister is silent; his thoughts are on lofty matters; whether to wear a saffron jacket or grey one today!” says his Personal Assistant appearing on the giant screen. The same man continues. “Mr Prime Minister she was tied up for a week, brutally gang raped, then strangled to death! Prime Minister, your ministers protected the rapists, even had a religious gathering in their defense! Prime Minister are you listening?”
“The Prime Minister is busy on thoughts of a huger magnitude,” says his PA, “He is weighing whether to hug Trump next time from the right or left, or take him by surprise with a back hug!”
The screen fades and lights up again as a new scene fills the giant screen.
“Prime Minister sir, one of your party MLAs has allegedly raped a young girl again, and horror of horrors has got her father murdered in your government jail! Sir are you listening?”
“The Prime Minister is busy working on his women empowerment speech!” says his personal assistant appearing on the screen.
The screen fades and lights again, as thrashing and lynching of dozens of people suspected of eating beef are shown. “Prime Minister do something!” a million voices scream from the screen.
“Mr Prime Minister a place of worship has been desecrated, the priest brutally hacked!” scream voices.
“Prime Minister foreigners are feeling unsafe in your country! Their women raped and molested!” cry foreign embassies.
“Why are you silent!” weep a billion voices from his country.
The screen fades, and the emcee smiles at the audience, “And so the award for the most Silent Prime Minister in the World’ goes to…”
“The Prime Minister will make his acceptance speech in Hindi!” says the voice of his Personal Assistant as a bearded man strides across the platform to get his rightful award and the innocent face of the eight year old rape victim stares hauntingly at him from the giant screen..!



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