Ending Business through Intolerance..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 3/7/2018 2:59:34 PM

And as I see intolerance for other religions growing all over the world, this is how I imagine it will affect business and the economy of a country:
Sheikh Mohamed Bin Tughlaq, the owner of the Saudi Arabian jewelry store looked at his new salesmen with pride. His was the first shop to have followed the government diktat to fire all Indian workers and employ only Saudi nationals. "With their impeccable white flowing robes and headgear, they look like cute penguins from the North Pole," he thought, and chuckled.
"Open the door, customers are coming!" shouted the Sheikh happily as he watched an American couple staring at a diamond necklace on the display window. "Open the door quickly!"
"Open it yourself! Its your shop," said one of the cute penguins near the door.
"Its part of your job," hissed the owner.
"I will never open doors for infidels!" shouted the same salesman near the door.
"The American can use his own hand if he lets hold of the girl," hissed the Arab next to him. "Yankee go home," shouted the third penguin.
"Sshhh..!" screeched Sheikh Mohamed the owner, "we will lose business!" He watched as his hooded employees went back to staring at their counters. He opened the door himself and smiled at the American and his girl friend.
"What are you looking for sir?"
"An engagement ring," said the American as he gave his girlfriend a peck on the cheek.
"Do not defile this shop," shouted an employee staring at the kissing couple.
"Yankee go home," shouted another.
"Is everything okay?" asked the worried American to the shop owner.
"Absolutely okay!"
"Darling I'm scared," whispered his fiancée.
"May I look at that pearl studded ring?"
"No," said the Arab salesman.
"Allaudin show him the ring at once," shouted the furious owner.
"You are shouting at me? My brother works for the ministry of interior in the court of the king's half brother. I will complain to him about your behaviour."
"Allaudin you are fired!"
"I am fired? You are fired. The half brother of the king for whom my brother works will seal this shop personally!"
"Darling I'm afraid," whispered the woman to her man.
"Is she a prostitute?" asked the Arab manning the diamond counter.
"What?" asked the furious American.
"Why is she not covering her head? This is Saudi Arabia."
"This is my shop!" cried the owner. "They are my customers!"
"Darling.." whispered the woman to the man.
"We're leaving," said the American, as he walked out.
"We quit..!" shouted all the penguins as they filed out.
"I too quit..!" wept Sheikh Mohamed Bin Tughlaq as he downed the shutters of his shop.
An that was the end of business of an imaginary store in Saudi Arabia..!bobsbanter@gmail.com



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