Aadhaar-absurd applications

Kashmir Times. Dated: 2/12/2018 2:59:10 PM

Dear Editor,
The way income government treats and behave with citizens especially on Aadhaar matters is a proof that the most absurd thinking of government is that all tax citizens are dishonest. Uncalled for services are made compulsory Aadhaar requirement. Most absurdity example of Bhopal hospital- refuses to discharge new-borns sans Aadhaar registration.
There may be few of dishonest persons but treating all citizens as dishonest is a matter of shame for the government. Perhaps this is first time in the history of world on where such a low thinking of government is found for its honest and law-abiding citizens. Unnecessarily citizens are not horrified from government -there are valid reasons-experiences by almost all citizens for such an uncalled for behaviour and treatment to its citizens by the government. Those who are not seeking any financial assistance, why they are forced to have Aadhaar?
Life is vulnerable with Aadhaar. Without mobile Aadhaar is ineffective. Is under the constitution every person must have a mobile? How government can force any citizen to have Aadhaar?
There is no doubt that Aadhaar fails all the tests of a democratic setup, including the basic right to personal space. God may save innocent citizens from Aadhaar clutches.
Why not drop the names of all citizens and allot them Aadhaar number only and every person would be known only by its Aadhaar number and that will solve country’s problem of caste, community and religion -all will be equal as no one would ever be known which community caste or religion a citizen belongs.
Till it is abolished, please note that at one of the Nationalised Bank Aadhaar Centre charges are Rs. 30-no receipt issued even for payment made - for updation and separate cost is involved for getting printed Aadhaar card at some other place like cyber cafes. The agent here says he has separate arrangement to provide laminated Aadhaar card at Rs. 100 without receipt for it. Extra cost is forced on citizens.
Why Aadhaar Centre cannot give services of getting printed Aadhaar too and that too without any extra cost to citizens.
—M. Kumar,
B-49 Gulmohar Park New Delhi.



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