Less snowfall may hit agriculture produce

FARZANA SYED. Dated: 2/6/2018 2:07:00 PM

SRINAGAR, Feb 5: Kashmir valley has witnessed unprecedented dry weather conditions this winter season. The core winter period of Kashmir locally known as Chillai Kallan which is usually expected to bring huge amount of snow, passed without any snow/rain.
While the prolonged dry spell has put the people across the valley to huge inconvenience, the lack of snowfall this year is likely to take a toll on agriculture and horticulture sector of valley according to experts.
Whereas the environmental experts opine that lack of proper precipitation could affect the environment in valley, they believe agricultural and horticulture sectors are likely to get adversely affected due to lack of proper snow /rain this winter season.
Prof. G.A Bhat of Environmental Sciences Kashmir University said that the lack of precipitation was going to be lethal for the agriculture and horticulture sector of valley.
"The agriculture and horticulture sector in valley are totally dependent on timely rain and snow. This winter season there has been no snowfall or rainfall or even for past several months there was dry weather which is certainly going to badly affect these important sectors of Kashmir," Prof G A Bhat said.
Dr. Shakeel Ahmad Romshoo, former HOD department of Earth Sciences University of Kashmir, is of the opinion that lack of snowfall was one more form of the irregular climatic conditions that would impact the agriculture sector valley in several ways.
"Proper precipitation is very important for normal, agricultural and horticultural activities in the valley. Moreover, rain/snow is the main source of water in valley. Since the valley has received very less snowfall this season on higher reaches and no snowfall in plains which is likely to have immense adverse impact over the agriculture and horticulture sectors of Kashmir,” Dr. Romshoo said.
He said that though the change in the climatic pattern had a relevance towards the indication of climate change, irregularities in the climate were bound to bring environmental hazards.
Pertinently, lack of precipitation has become a huge cause of concern for the locals associated with the horticulture and agriculture sector.
While experts say that dry weather was likely to impact both the quality and quantity of the fruit and vegetables.
"Due to lack of proper snow/rains the fruits and vegetables witness premature growth which not only results in less quantity but also week quality," officials at the department of agriculture here in Srinagar said.
Kashmir valley witnessed a long dry spell till the month of December last year while in the month of January also Kashmir did not receive any proper snowfall raiding concerns across Kashmir.
According to the officials at state meteorological department Kashmir has received record-less snowfall this winter season.
The officials revealed that the valley has been recording a rising trend of dry weather conditions in the past several years.
“Kashmir valley has recorded continued dry weather conditions in the past also. This time there has been very less snowfall. There are no chances of heavy rain or snow in the valley in coming weeks," spokesperson at Met department said.



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