Eddie Barlow lives on forever

BIPIN DANI. Dated: 1/12/2018 12:50:27 AM

MUMBAI, Jan 11: Late Eddie Barlow's wife has expressed her wish that her ashes be mingled with that of her husband's and scattered again at some destination.
Former South African opener Eddie Barlow, who also coached Bangladesh, had his Ashes scattered on the Newlands outfield,
Speaking exclusively over her mobile from England, where she is settled, Cally Barlow said, :"Yes, I have decided right now what my dear ones shall do with my ashes once I leave the shores of this world. Just as my Eddie loved both me and his cricket, I too have loved Eddie and his favourite sports. Thus I have decided to mingle my ashes with that of Eddie's and have it scattered at some destination and so in that way I would remain with Eddie forever and into the eternity..."
"I came back to SA with Eddie's ashes and as you can imagine I was feeling very raw. I cannot remember whether I was asked or whether they (Newlands) requested it. We had a lovely memorial service for him and then we all walked out to the ground and some of his ashes were scattered".
"Some were also scattered on the 1st XI wicket at his prep school, WHPS, just before a game. I saw the openers come out and one of them taking guard and then thinking how he would be feeling knowing he was stepping on Eddie's ashes. Eddie would have loved that", she added.
"Some were also scattered at Pretoria Boys High School, where a memorial service was held. Some of his ashes were scattered in a ceremony at Derbyshire County Cricket Ground and also at Marchweil & Wrexham cricket ground where he coached before his death".
"I still have some ashes in the casket which I am keeping to have mixed with mine when I pop of this mortal coil but I haven't yet decided where to throw them ! Newlands was an example", she signed off.



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