Rewriting IT Laws

Kashmir Times. Dated: 12/7/2017 2:08:25 PM

Dear Editor,
As per reports The Income Tax Act is to be re-written for simplification and better compliance. The irony with the government is that to simplify tax matters it makes it most complicated perhaps keeping in view loss of revenue or thinking that all citizens are dishonest as regard to taxes! The fact is that the overall total tax burden of all the taxes- a citizen pays is perhaps highest in India. And in turn citizens do not get required / expected services from the government.
The recent experience with GST implantation has proved that the government fails to achieve its objective at least at first instance. It should be introduced with due preparation and considerations for the changed times and Rupee worth in the market; and better to put it for some time open for public and expert’s opinion before its actual implementation.
It is worth remembering to recall in simplifying income tax - an attempt was being made by the previous government to simplify Income Tax by introduction of Direct Tax Code Bill so that common income tax payers can easily understand it and comply with it. But the truth was otherwise. It had drafted most voluminous Income Tax act - The Direct Tax Code 2013. Till date the Income Tax Laws always remained faux paus for the taxpayers. The services of tax practitioners and chartered accountants are always needed for all taxpayers. Can it be made simple?
For easy compliance of income tax, the forms must also be simplified like One Page Saral for all the taxpayers. Last but not the least exemption limits under all sections / rules are too low an amount considering high and continuous rising inflation in the country-raise them to practical and realistic figures.
—M. Kumar,
B-49 Gulmohar Park,
New Delhi.



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