Dry weather casts adverse impact on birds’ arrival

FARZANA SYED. Dated: 12/6/2017 1:40:38 PM

SRINAGAR, Dec 5: Like every winter season the migratory birds from different countries of the world have started arriving in the wetlands of Kashmir valley with the onset of the winter season.
According to the officials nearly 3.5 lakh migratory birds have reached the valley so far and are staying at different wetlands of Kashmir. The officials revealed that the Hokersar wetland has received the maximum number of birds so far.
The wildlife warden for wetlands Rauf Zargar revealed that dry weather conditions have an adverse impact on the arrival of birds. He said that in the beginning of December around 9 lakh migratory birds arrived in Kashmir.
He said the number of birds was expected to increase in coming days.
He said that Hokersar wetland had received the maximum number of birds.
"Above 3.5 lakh migratory birds from different countries have arrived at Kashmir wetlands and water bodies as of now. Majority of these birds have arrived at Hokersar wetland. We are expecting more in coming days as the weather conditions might witness a change," Regional wetland warden Rouf Zargar said.
He said that more than 2 lakh birds were present at Hokersar wetland at present.
"Initially it was feared that the number of visiting birds may witness a decline due to prolonged dry spell in Kashmir. However, if weather conditions remain favourable and good precipitation was witnessed, the number is expected to go up further," wetland warden revealed.
Rauf Zargar said that all initiatives, including feeding facilities, were being taken into consideration to ensure an infrastructure for the avian guests besides checking on the poaching of the same.
"We provide the birds with artificial feeds during the core winter period. We take cognizance of every poaching report that is conveyed to us." Rouf Zargar said.
He added, "We try our best and take all measures to curtail the poaching of migratory birds."
He said that the species that had visited in huge numbers included Pintailes, Common Tailes and Mallards.
Every year with the onset of winter season, wetlands in Kashmir are flocked by migratory birds from several continents which include Central Asia, Siberia, Europe, Philippines and many other places to avoid the harsh winter across these continents.
The arrival of the birds adds to the scenic beauty of the wetlands.
To avoid the harsh winter season in their respective countries, these migratory guests enjoy their stay at the wetlands which include Hygam, Hokersar, Gangbug, Pampore, Munibugh and other water bodies of Dal lake, Wullar lake etc.
The birds start arriving in the month of October and stay at the wetlands till the month of March.
Scores of species which mostly include Mallards, Greyleg Geese Pintails, Gadwalls, Shovellers and pigeons fly to Kashmir wetlands for their stay during winter season.



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