Samir meets Sawaran in GOs TT final

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 12/5/2017 1:48:08 PM

JAMMU, Dec 4: Sameer Kotwal shall be playing against Swaran Singh Kotwal in the Table Tennis final of the Gazetted Officers (GOs) event in the ongoing Inter-Battalion Sports meet of Jammu and Kashmir Armed Police (JKAP), here tomorrow.
Earlier, in the semifinals, Samir (SP) defeated Daljit Singh (DySP) in straight sets of 21-13, 21-15 while Sawarn Singh (SSP) trounced Nasir Khan (SP) 2-1 (16-21, 21-17, 21-06). In Lawn Tennis, Nasir Khan (SP) sailed into the semifinals beat Sawarn Singh Kotwal (SSP) in straight sets of 6-3, 6-3.
Meanwhile, in other individual events of women's category, IRP 15th Bn dominated in Wrestling and Athletics.
The details: Team Events: BASKET BALL: IRP 17th Bn shall take on IRP 19th in the final. Semifinals: IRP 17th bt JKAP 9th 30-20; IRP 19th bt IRP 7th 42-17.
VOLLEYBALL: IRP 17th bt IRP 15th 2-0 (25-11, 25-10); IRP Ist bt IRP 3rd 2-0 (25-05, 25-21); IRP 19th bt IRP 18th 2-0 (25-20, 25-16); IRP 15th bt IRP 20th 2-0 (25-21, 25-20); JKAP 12th bt IRP 5th 2-1 (25-24, 25-27, 25-10). Quarterfinals: IRP Ist bt IRP 7th 2-0 (25-13, 25-20).
FOOTBALL: JKAP 9th Bn bt JKAP 7th Bn 4-0 (Asif Majeed three goals while Imtiyaz Ahmad netted one). HANDBALL: IRP 15th bt IRP 14th 5-3 (SI Imtiyas Ahmad three goals); IRP 17th bt IRP 15th 6-5 (Sukhdev Magotra netted four goals. KABADDI: IRP Ist Bn bt IRP 7th 35-25; IRP 10th bt IRP 6th 43-17; JKAP 12th bt JKAP 14th 44-42; JKAP 7th bt IRP 15th 42-32.
HOCKEY: IRP 3rd bt IRP 20th 4-1.
ATHLETICS: MEN: 1500 mts: Imtiyaz Ahmad, IRP 10th, Ist; Maqsood Ahmad, IRP 17th, 2nd and Mahaveer Prasad, IRP 17th, 3rd. High Jump: Maninder Singh, IRP 19th, Ist; Amrish Sharma, IRP 10th, 2nd and Maqsood Ahmad, IRP 17th, 3rd. Cross Country 10 kms: Imtiyaz Ahmad, IRP 10th, Ist; Mahaveer Prasad, IRP 15th, 2nd and Younis Ali, IRP 15th, 3rd. Cross Country 10 kms Team: IRP 15th (Mahaveer Prasad, Joginder Kumar, Younis Ali and Bahadur Singh), Ist; IRP 10th ( Imtiyaz Ahmad, Amrish Sharma, Parveen Kumar and Bal Krishan), 2nd and IRP 14th (Rinku Sharma, Vikas Sharma, Sikander Singh and Sachin Verma), 3rd. Discuss Throw: Aadil Rehman, IRP 20th, Ist; Bachitter Singh, JKAP 14th, 2nd and Maninder Singh (IRP 19th), 3rd.
WRESTLING: WOMEN: 50kg: Suprita Bandral, IR 15th, Ist and Anuradha, IRP 15th, 2nd . 53 kg: Asha Devi, IRP 15th, Ist; Sheetu Pandita, IRP 15thand 2nd . 55 kg: Kanta Devi, IRP 15th, Ist and Shahnaz Akhter, IRP 15th, 2nd. 57 kg: Darshana Devi, IRP 15th, Ist and Veena Devi, IRP 15th, 2nd. 59 kg: Devi Rani, IRP 15th, Ist and Manorama, IRP 15th, 2nd. 62 kg: Anisha Devi, IRP 15th, Ist and Suriya Bano, IRP 15th, 2nd. 65 kg: Bandana Kumari, IRP 15th, Ist and Dimple Billoria, IRP 15th, 2nd. 68 kg: Yasmeen Kousar, IRP 15th, Ist and Nisha Koul, IRP 15th, 2nd. 72 kg: Fatima Bibi, IRP 15th, Ist and Pooja Devi, IRP 15th, 2nd. 76 kg: Asha Jamwal, IRP 15th, Ist and Maryam Khatoon, IRP 15th, 2nd. ARCHERY: WOMEN: 50 mts: Maryam Khatoon, IRP 15th, Ist; Sheetu Pandita, IRP 15th, 2nd and Manorama, IRP 15th, 3rd. 30 mts: Maryam Khatoon, IRP 15th, Ist; Manorama, IRP 15th, 2nd and Asha Jamwal, IRP 15th, 3rd.



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