What is your religion, anyways!

By Sabeen Beg Wani. Dated: 12/5/2017 1:42:29 PM

Religion has been a private sphere since I remember. We were taught that intruding in somebody's personal space amounted to trespassing. So, it was quite naturally rude! Suddenly I see my learning being torn to shreds. In fact one goes on even to pronounce the level of other's loyalty to his faith. It is not only the clergy 'holier than thou' but common people like you and me who have donned the mettle. Well, yes I am pointing towards the latest election gimmick running amok.
Rahul Gandhi's entry to Somnath temple was marked in the register which only carried the names of 'non-Hindu' entrants. And everyone was out with a dagger to attack each other. While BJP smirked and in a subtle way questioned his otherwise 'rare' visits to the temples', Congress was quick to showcase Rahul's jeneo (a sacred thread worn by a Brahman across his chest)!
It was followed by aspirations cast by the Congressmen on Amit Shah's religious credentials. He was termed a 'Jaini' only to be rebuked by him asserting his six-generation love for Hinduism. Even the gods must be amused at their (fellow-beings) sudden zest and surely would be taking in their jest the fact that their followers though are singing his hymns but forgetting the 'vachans' of serving the mankind! The spirit has lost the flavour while the meaningless lip syncing is making hay!
In this melee the players forget that to run a country we need honesty, togetherness and most importantly a vision and not a narrow key-hole of religion. They can be anyone as long as they are bonded by the passion of keeping the country together and marching ahead as Indians and Indians only.
But, now asking your religion has become a fad. Onus lies with you to prove your worth as a Hindu or a Muslim or a Sikh or a Christian but sadly not as a human!



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