Thousands throng Hazratbal shrine

MAJID NABI. Dated: 12/2/2017 12:46:30 AM

SRINAGAR, Dec 1: Braving severe cold, thousands of devotees thronged Dargah Hazratbal which houses holy relic of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Friday following Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi (SAW) celebrations.
Thousands of people including men, women and children offered nightlong prayers at Hazratbal shrine while many more joined them during the early morning prayers (Fajr); clerics displayed the holy relic of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) after each Namaz amidst recitation of Daroods and Naats.
During the nightlong prayers and also in the day, clerics threw light on the life and the teachings of revered Prophet (SAW) while many big and small Milad processions were also taken out in the uptown and old city areas.
Pertinently, Muslims gather at the Hazratbal shrine each year to celebrate the birthday of the last Prophet (SAW), and have the glimpse of the Holy Relic, a hair from the Prophet's beard, which is kept inside the Hazratbal shrine.
Sacred gatherings were organized across the valley in mosques, where Islamic scholars highlighted the different aspects of Prophet Mohammed's (SAW) life and teachings.
Similar congregational prayers were held in many other Masjids and shrines in the city and elsewhere. These include Jinab Sahib Soura, Aasar-i-Sharief Shahri Kailshpora, Khanqah-e-Mualla, Dastegeer Sahib Khanyar, Ziyarat Makdoom Sahib, Kohimaran, and Ziyarat Syed Sahib Sonwar.
‘Sarkaar ki aamad marhba, aka ki aamad marhaba’ various big and small processions in which large number of people participated reciting verses of holy Quran and praising Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), were taken out at different places here throughout the day.
To commemorate the day, special prayers were held by devotees across the valley. Continuous prayers were offered for the whole night intervening Friday at various shrines and mosques.
Roads leading to the shrines and mosques were illuminated with lights and people on roadside were seen distributing Tehri (traditionally made yellow rice), and tea.
Markets and mosques were decorated with electric lights, buntings and banners in anticipation of the Milad processions.
Old city commonly known as Down Town echoed with religious slogans as groups of motorcycle-borne youth took out processions. The old city was decked up for the occasion with green flags.
Flags were seen on buildings, traffic signals, lamp posts and other high-rise structures across the old city. 'Naat-e-shareef' or poems in praise of the Prophet were played on loudspeakers.



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