Law Breakers and the Law..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 12/2/2017 12:31:30 AM

"Now," said the leader of a nation, stroking his white beard "Here are laws you can break!" Saying so he placed the tablet of stone on which he had engraved the said laws. The crowd roared its approval. It was the firsts time they'd been given laws they could break without punishment, and hooligans, thugs, ruffians, rapists yelled their approval as the leader waved the laws at them.
And the laws were put into action, as vigilant mobs roamed the country, thrashing, assaulting and lynching those who they knew followed another dietary preference to theirs. They stopped trucks, carrying animals who's taste they did not subscribe to and beat and killed owners and drivers. They looked into homes where women cooked and if their noses smelt smells their own kitchens ne'er produced they pulled those women out and had their way with them, even as they confiscated and took away meals meant for the poor and hungry who couldn't afford what the mobsters ate.
With the 'breakable laws' written and pinned to their sleeves they walked what was once a peaceful nation, rushing into places of worship where citizens worshipped in ways different from theirs, and broke walls, burnt sacred objects, molested worshippers, and with jeers and cries, went to the next.
They separated couples in the name of love warfare, pulling women away from lawful wedded spouses and murdered those men who dared fall in love with another from their own faith.
The leader of the nation, stroked his beard and watched with knowing smile but same smile became frozen, then turned to shock, then confusion. "Stop!" he cried, "What are you doing?"
But the mob did not stop now.
They had learnt to break the law, and now with such taste in their blood, they wanted to break more:
They marched into doctor's clinics and hospitals with equipment worth crores, smashed instruments, ransacked operation theatres, threw patients from their wards, injured doctors and surgeons.
In pencil, they added this new freedom to their list of 'breakable laws' pined to their sleeves.
They ran into college campuses, pulled out those who thought different, bruised and battered them, not bothered if they wore trousers or skirt.
They stopped cars on highways. They raped women travelling in them. They stopped the screening of films whose plot did not appeal to them. They followed tourists, and if perchance if foreigner did not allow selfie with them, they beat them up, groped the women, left them wounded and bloodied.
"Stop!" shouted their white bearded leader as soon as the world press started commenting on the dangerous scenario. "Stop!" he cried and watched helpless, mobs ruling his country. "Stop!" he whispered as foreign presidents commented how unsafe his country was. "Stop!"
But the mobs, ruffians, thugs, rapists, touched the laws sewed to their sleeves, and knew it was too late to stop the bloodlust, now embedded in their hearts..!



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