JCRB flyover completion still a distant dream

FARZANA SYED. Dated: 11/9/2017 11:50:26 PM

SRINAGAR, Nov 9: The construction of Jahangir-Chowk-Rambagh flyover continues to remain a botheration, not only for the people who are pushed to face immense inconvenience every day owing to the traffic chaos along the area, but also for the authorities who have been issuing new deadlines for the completion of the same.
The project which was started in the year 2013, is yet to see more than 40 percent of its completion courtesy the snail’s pace of the construction work.
Pertinently the everyday traffic mess, as a result of the construction work and due to the traffic diversions, continues to remain prevalent along the area, the authorities fear that the completion may take more than six months in year 2018 also.
Since the beginning of the construction of JCR flyover the completion of the flyover has missed three deadlines.
The officials at the Economic Reconstruction Agency, which is currently working on the project, blame several factors responsible for prolonged delay in the completion of the project.
“In 2014 the work was suspended for over 6 months due to the devastating floods in Kashmir. The work was also drastically affected during 2016 turmoil that hit valley. This year also scores of labourers left the construction work due to some reasons. All these have actually added to the delay in the completion of the flyover,” a senior engineer at ERA revealed.
The project manager at the ERA said that over 64 percent of the construction work of the flyover was complete. He said the work was going on in the phase D.
The project manager at ERA said the suspension of construction work several times resulted in loss of huge time which delayed the completion of JCRB flyover.
"We are expecting that the flyover will be completed by the month of June 2018. The flyover shall be completed by June 2018. Only 40 percent of the work is pending while the work is going on," said project manager ERA.
Pertinently, the construction work of flyover was resumed in the month of December last year after five months of suspension of work due to 2016 unrest and turmoil in Kashmir valley.
The construction of 2.4 Km long JCRB flyover was started in 2013 with a time period of three years for the completion of the work. However, the construction missed first deadline after 2014 floods.
Due to the suspension of work because of summer unrest last year, the work remained suspended for around 5 months.
Project manager ERA said the company was making full efforts to complete the flyover however the deadline could not be met.
The flyover consists of four sections. Section A from Jehangir Chowk to Magarmal Crossing. Section B from Magarmal crossing to sericulture department and section C from sericulture department towards Rambagh and the Section D.
"Since the beginning of the project we have made efforts to complete the construction within the given time period. 2013 winters the work was not stopped it was continued during all winter months. However, due to unfavourable circumstances the work was disrupted several times," he said.
While the officials at ERA said that the JCRB flyover shall be completed by the month of June 2018, the traffic chaos along the areas from Jawahar Nagar towards Rambagh continues to be an everyday affair posing huge inconvenience to the locals travelling across the area.
Pertinently, the 2.5 km long flyover was expected to subside the traffic chaos along the busy Jehangir Chowk to Rambagh area which accommodates heavy traffic.



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