Tarigami, Hakim, Mir meet Centre’s representative

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 11/9/2017 11:12:39 AM

'Take immediate CBMs to prove seriousness of dialogue'

SRINAGAR, Nov 8: Three senior mainstream leaders Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami, Hakim Mohammad Yasin and Ghulam Hassan Mir today urged the government of India to take immediate Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) to prove the seriousness of latest dialogue initiative.
The views were conveyed by the three leaders during a meeting with Dineshwar Sharma, centre’s special representative on Kashmir. They later briefed the media about the meeting.
The leaders said that they put a number of demands before the interlocutor to create a conducive atmosphere for making the dialogue process meaningful. “We demanded that prime minister of India should assure the people that Article 370 and Article 35-A will be safe guarded. He should issue a statement on the floor of the Parliament of India in this regard. Cases of political leaders detained in various jails within and outside J&K should be reviewed for their release. Cases of detenues under PSA should be reviewed at the earliest and steps taken for their release,” said Tarigami.
He added that they also demanded that cases against the youth pertaining to the present unrest be withdrawn and undue harassment of the youth should be stopped forthwith.
“We also told the special representative that government of India should not ignore that Kashmir has become a big human tragedy and it is in the very psyche of Kashmiris that the power holding quarters are indifferent to the pain and sufferings of the people. This deep rooted feeling has to be erased and washed off and for that a credible judicial institution must be constituted to probe into the acts of human rights violations,” Tarigami said.
He said the leaders reiterated their position that Kashmir was a long pending complex issue which has generated untold sufferings and miseries for the people of the entire state in general and for the residents of Kashmir valley in particular.
“The problem needs a lasting solution which is possible only through serious credible and meaningful dialogue with all the stake holders. Unfortunately serious efforts have not been made to address this sensitive issue so far. Even now when this new initiative has been taken by GOI, various contradictory voices which are emerging from different power centres are adding to the already existing confusion and disillusionment. Needless to say that the present unprecedented unrest is the direct result of the massive and deep alienation,” the leaders said.
They stated that if this alienation is left un-addressed, things will go from bad to worse and again add to the miseries of the common people.



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