Medical 'negligence' causes death of baby in mother’s womb

ESS AHMAD. Dated: 8/12/2017 10:52:49 AM

ANANTNAG, Aug 11: The alleged negligence of doctors and Para-medics at maternity and childcare hospital Anantnag led to the death of a baby in its mother’s womb. Following the incident Chief Medical Officer Anantnag has sought explanation from the doctors accused of negligence.
Rifat Jan wife of Mushtaq Ahmad Ganai of Harnag was admitted in the hospital on August 8 after she had complained of slight labor pain.
After being admitted, doctors put her on some medication and told her husband that she was normally progressing for delivery.
"For two days they kept on telling me that her expected date of delivery was many days away and she will deliver normally," her husband Mushtaq Ahmad Ganai.
However, at around 2 am on Wednesday night, Ganai said, his wife developed severe pain. "I approached the nursing staff on night duty in ward and asked them about my wife crying with. One of the nurses came and after examining her told me that she is absolutely fine and will deliver normally. As she developed more shooting pain I again approached the nursing staff and requested them to call the doctor on night duty but no doctor turned up to see her," Ganai told Kashmir Times.
After some time, Ganai said, a nurse came again to examine her after hearing her cries despite my insistence to call the doctor. "After re-examining her she again told me that she was normally progressing for delivery and that she has no patience to tolerate the pain," Ganai said.
It was around 7 am in the morning that a gynecologist came to examine the patient.
"After examination doctor advised immediate ultra-sonography and after the crest was done the doctor told me that her baby had consumed 'mucanium' due to the delay in surgery on expected date of her delivery. Then they took her to operation theater for C-section," Ganai told Kashmir Times.
Realising that the baby had died, doctors and Para-medics, Ganai said entered into verbal duel inside operation theatre.
"My wife told me that the doctors and Para-medics virtually entered into a fight before operating her accusing each other of negligence," Wani said.
He said that the doctors after handing him the baby advised him to get him examined by the doctor in paediatric section. "When I went to a paediatrician he declared my baby dead and told me that the baby had died due to consumption of mucanium in mother’s womb," he said.
He said that he will move the court against the doctors and Para-medics for causing death of his baby.
Outgoing medical superintendent of the hospital, Dr G M Bhat who was relieved from the hospital today expressed ignorance about the matter and said that chief medical officer is the incharge of the hospital. CMO Anantnag, Dr Fazil Kochak said that he has sought explanation from the doctors.
"I have asked the doctors to explain what caused the death of the baby in the mother’s womb but they are yet to respond. I will be going to hospital tomorrow and seek their reply and explanation," CMO said.



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