Behavioural counselling mitigates cardiovascular burden: Dr. Sushil

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 7/17/2017 10:08:40 AM

JAMMU, July 16: “Behaviour is learned and can therefore be un-learned via counselling”, said Dr Sushil on the sidelines of a medical camp for the residents of Bakshi Nagar here today.
The health check up camp was a part of his awareness campaign to sensitise the common populace about the various afflictions caused by Cardiovascular Diseases. Counselling directed at behavioural and attitudinal change may produce greater changes than traditional education approaches to health promotion, particularly when tailored to the individual’s readiness to change. Lifestyle changes are central to health promotion and the prevention of coronary heart disease, he added. People were advised and counselled for the negative effects of smoking, fat rich diet and less physical activity during the camp.
Dr Sushil elaborated that behavioural counselling would lead to greater reductions in smoking and dietary fat intake and increases in regular physical activity which eventually help in the reduction in blood pressure, serum total cholesterol concentration, weight and body mass index. Adults who adhere to National guidelines for a healthful diet and physical activity have lower rates of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. All persons regardless of their CVD risk status can gain health benefits from healthy eating behaviour and appropriate physical activity.
Persons who are interested and ready to make behavioural changes may be most likely to benefit from behaviour counselling. With the rise in global burden of CVDs besides traditional approaches to health promotion, behavioural counselling can be seen as a new method in mitigating the overall global burden of this morbidity. So it is high time to visualise the overall global incidence of CVDs from a holistic view and integrated approach encompassing traditional and modern knowledge be exploited to witness the sharp decline in CVDs all over the world.
More extended counselling and support may be needed to translate sustained changes in health behaviour into improvements in biological risk profile, he stressed.
More than 200 patients were screened, evaluated and advised for various health ailments during the camp. ECG measurement, Blood sugar test, Lipid profile tests were done free of charges. Medicines were also given as per the advice of doctors.
Management Committee of the Vishwakarma Sabha Shashi Verma, Vijay kumar, Jagdish Raj, Rakesh Chalotra and Om parkash applauded the efforts of Dr. Sushil and his team for conducting health check up camp on their simple request and assured Dr. Sushil and his team that the attendants during the camp shall certainly modify their behavioural attitudes for a positive transformation in their lives.
Other who were instrumental in this endeavour included Dr. Dhaneshwar Kapoor, Dr. Kewal Sharma and Dr. Chakshu Mahajan, paramedics and volunteers includes Vikas Kumar, Raghav Rajput, Kamal Sharma, Aman Gupta, Akshay Kumar, Amandeep Singh, Nitesh Gupta, Rajinder Singh, Manoj Sharma , Raman Chalotra ,Jarnail Singh and Raj Kumar.



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