Public accountability

Kashmir Times. Dated: 5/18/2017 1:11:07 AM

Dear Editor,
It is an open fact that most government organisations are failing at the expectations of public and often result in losses. Yes, all public sector and government companies can deliver best of results with profits if strict discipline like that of private companies with accountability and strict penal provisions are being made and implemented. I recall in 2010 there was a proposal by our Ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s to make babus more accountable to the people by penalising them for non-performance - a move in the right direction. And the Delhi Government was the first to test the system. -if officers were found not completing a job within a prescribed time limit, a fine of Rs 10 to Rs 200 per day was to be imposed on them. But that proposal never saw the day of the light.
In fact, for each action — movement of files from one department to another and under all government departments such a provision is the need of the hour. It is also important that such provisions are implemented and acted upon, and monthly or quarterly reports are published in leading newspapers so that the public is aware of their government’s efficiency or inefficiency.
—Mahesh Kumar,
B-49, Gulmohar Park, New Delhi.



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