3 engineering students manufacture drone

SYED YASIR. Dated: 6/3/2013 11:48:53 PM

SRINAGAR, June 3: Three engineering students of Kashmir valley have manufactured a Quadcopter (Drone) which will be useful for military missions, police surveillances and stormy weather conditions.
Manufactured by Basit Riyaz Zargar, Shahnawaz Shafi and Shaib Shafi Koul, the three engineering students of Government Polytechnic College Srinagar have designed a drone that has an initial flying capacity of 15 to 20 meters in air.
Displaying successful trial of the drone, Shaib Shafi Koul and his two associates, told Kashmir Times that they are extremely happy after their successful trial run of the machine.
Shaib Shafi said that the drone can be used for military missions, police surveillances, extreme climatic conditions, wildlife sanctuaries and various other purposes.
The engineering students said that the drone’s custom-built autonomous electric Quadcopter with GPS and sensors, capable of carrying a few kilos up to 10 kilometers and more as the tech advances.
“This kind of instrument is the first of its kind in north India manufactured by any engineering or group of engineering students. We manufactured the drone within a record period of one month. We also almost spent more than Rs 40,000 on the project. We finally succeeded to construct the instrument, which has a great significance and requirement in the present day world,” Shaib said.
The group of students further said that apart from it having a military and police surveillance usage, “it also will transport medicine, other essentials to villages seasonally stranded by stormy weather and low quality road infrastructure. It can also be used in poor road infrastructure areas and expensive and inflexible areas,” said Basit Riyaz.
The Engineering students maintained that the drone network technology is very useful in monsoons cut off the roads. “In advanced countries, the drone technology is being used for various purposes. Not only in military purposes, but various other purposes also. In India, the drone technology is very limited in use. The technology can be very useful in Jammu and Kashmir keeping its geographic condition into consideration. Being a vast area under forest cover here, it can be useful for protection and surveillance of the forest and wild animals living in forests,” said Shahnawaz Shafi another student.
The students said that they manufactured the drone without the assistance of anyone. “We took it as a challenge, when our HoD gave us this difficult assignment in the polytechnic college. But we completed it in a record period of less than one month and they are extremely happy today,” he said.
The three boys are in third year in Government polytechnic college Srinagar. They have expressed their desire that they will continue to work on the project after completing their engineering course. “This drone has flying capacity of more than 40 minutes. We will try to extend its flying capacity in the future, if his college and state government encourages us,” they said.



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