Light,Music show at Balidhan Stambh enthralls spectators

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 8/5/2014 11:22:27 AM

JAMMU, Aug 4 : A Light and Sound show conceived by Indian army for public viewing at Balidan Stambh (war memorial) was organised on Monday evening.
It was attended by gallant veterans, serving persons & families of army & police, NCC cadets & media persons.
The construction of the monumental war memorial was completed in the year 2009 and is open for public viewing. Balidan Stambh signifies national integration and the time tested lineage between the people of Jammu & Kashmir and the Indian Armed Forces.
The show has been instituted to highlight martyrdom and premiers the supreme sacrifice of military, police and civilians on the soil of Jammu and Kashmir, upholding the sanctity of our borders and sovereignty of the nation.
It encompasses the wars fought by India since its independence for protecting its frontiers in Jammu & Kashmir and covers the Indo Pak wars of 1948, 1965, 1971, Kargil War 1999 and the China India War 1962.
The illumination of 60 meter high tower, symbolising a bayoneted rifle, in the centre of the sanctum sanctorum, alongwith the live commentary, creates an
atmosphere of pride, elan and belongingness.
It concludes with the National Anthem, which moistens the eyes and touches the soul of the spectators. It is a true honour to our martyrs and a proud reminder of our glorious past.
The show has been organised by the Army and will be open to the public on every Wednesday and Saturday evenings and is expected to attract spectators from across the country, who visit the historic temple city of Jammu.



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