Pathribal fake encounter 14th anniversary today

SHABIR AHMAD. Dated: 3/25/2014 12:10:46 PM

‘We are not cowards to give up fight for justice’

ANANTNAG, Mar 24: Army might have closed the Pathribal fake encounter case in which five civilians were killed and later dubbed as foreign militants but the resolve of the family members of the victims to fight for justice refuses to die down. On the fourteenth anniversary of the fake encounter the families of the victims are going to remember their loved ones in their native village Brari Angan in south Kashmir’s Shangas area tomorrow.
Abdul Rashid Khan, son of one of the victims Jumma Khan, who has been on the forefront in legal fight for justice to the victim families said that they will be remembering the victims only to convey the army that they have not forgotten their loved ones whom they killed in cold blood.
“For army the fake encounter of five innocent civilians might be a closed chapter. But we want to convey them that the wounds they have inflicted on us are still fresh in our minds. We want to convey to them that our resolve for justice has not died. So we have decided to organise remembrance meeting on the fourteenth anniversary of our the victims tomorrow,” Khan said.
He said that all the family members of the victims will wear black head bands in protest against the denial of justice to them. “We know that justice will never be delivered to us but giving up the fight for justice means being a coward. So I will continue to cry for justice to my father till my last breath. I have faith in Allah. He will do justice to us,” he said.
Accusing all the mainstream political parties of failing them, Rashid said, “All the political parties be it NC or PDP have failed us. None of them has proved to be of any help. None of them did anything expect issuing statements for their publicity.” “One fails to understand what is the fun of casting vote here is when the same voters are later murdered and then dubbed as terrorists,” he questioned.



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