Guru Nanak’s travels through the Kashmir Valley for teaching

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Sri Guru Nanak Dev (Image source: Instagram)

SRINAGAR (J&K), August 6 (ANI): Over the course of 24 years, the great Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of the Sikh religion, walked hundreds of kilometres over steep terrain, historic valleys, and spiritual vistas throughout India and beyond. He journeyed not just through the immense expanses of his native land but also beyond far-off coasts, crafting the tapestry of coexisting humanity, Khalsa Vox reported.
Guru Nanak Dev set out on four long tours, or Udasis, and travelled through extremely difficult physical and spiritual environments. He had to cross mountains to go to Sumer Parbat during the third Udasi, which took place between 1515 and 1517. His aim to spread a message that spoke to all people was ingrained in every step of his journey, as per Khalsa Vox.
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Guru Nanak Dev’s experienced profound enlightenment on his travels to locations such as Ashu Mukam, Pahalgam, and Amarnath, where he saw humble shepherds. On one occasion, a shepherd named Pali Hasna mistook Guru Nanak Dev for a dacoit after the latter had given him goat’s milk. The events that followed led to an awakening in Pali as he witnessed his flock resurrect after repeating “Waheguru” under the guidance of Guru Nanak Dev. This was a lesson in humility and faith beyond common comprehension.
A supernatural event occurred at Bhawan Kund when Guru Nanak Dev took a dip in fish-filled waters. When a fish touched his foot, it became a human. The Pandits were so impressed by this miracle that they decided to follow Guru Nanak Dev. The newly transformed human told his narrative, bringing a hint of the supernatural to the spiritual quest.
Pandit Brahmdas of Bejbehara, a scholar who flew on a magical carpet and peered down at Guru Nanak Sahib, was the subject of a story about ego and redemption. Due to his own conceit, Brahmdas was unable to see Guru Nanak Dev when he attempted to impress him with miracles. His realisation of humility, which teaches that there is no darkness larger than ego, came about as a result of an insightful discourse with Guru Nanak Dev, according to Khalsa Vox.
Due to the wisdom and compassion of Guru Nanak Dev, Dharamshala, a spiritual sanctuary at Mattan, was established. In the Kashmir Valley, it is still a representation of Guru Nanak’s lasting influence even after being destroyed during the Muslim era. With the guidance of the local Pandit Munkda and the enlightenment of seekers such as Juma Chopa, a Faqir, Mattan became a spiritually awakening beacon thanks to the presence of Guru Nanak Dev.
The spot where Guru Nanak once sat to discuss the truth has seen a rise in number of Gurdwaras and the reverence of rulers such as Maharaja Ranjit Singh have. Scholars and writers like as RK Parmu have recognised the importance of Guru Nanak’s visitation to the Valley, which is being observed at the Gurdwara in Matan, Anantnag, as per Khalsa Vox.
The ruins of history can still be found in the waters of the spring pond where Guru Nanak Dev had his enlightening conversations with Pandit Brahm Das. Buildings have changed with time; magnificent Gurdwaras were constructed in the 18th and 19th centuries. The teachings of Guru Nanak are still remembered today, changing people’s hearts and directing seekers towards devotion.
Guru Nanak Dev’s journey is recorded in history as evidence of the worldwide search for humility, compassion, and the truth. From the lofty slopes to the lowly homes of shepherds, his way brightened lives and broke through boundaries.
Now, souls are still inspired and awakened by the echoes of Guru Nanak Dev’s words at peaceful locations like Mattan Sahib, where he once sat and sang Malar di Var. His teaching is a priceless gem that illuminates the path to the holy light of compassion and understanding for all people, Khalsa Vox reported.



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