Amid Covid surge, Govt Fails to Control Private Practice Rates

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 1/23/2022 8:01:06 PM

SRINAGAR, Jan 22: While taking full advantages of lockdown and COVID-19 Different Private Hospitals and Doctors take advantage of the crisis to mint money and fleece Helpless Patients on the pretext of unnecessary tests.
Patients told CNS that Huge Rush is been witnessed in Private Hospitals and without any Protocol or restrictions, Doctor's are Increasing their consultation Fee as per their own Choice and wish. BesideS, Fee of Doctors Handsome amount is being also grabbed from patients against different un necessary Tests.
Patients alleged that Govt has no Law and Policy and Health & Medical educational Department has completely failed to Control Rates of Tests, Medicine and Fee of Doctors.
There are scores of doctors who see patients at the private clinics and write prescriptions on plain papers to avoid trouble, which don’t carry their names and other details. “If a doctor entertains a huge number of patients at his private clinic, with his tired mind what justice can he deliver to patients at hospital,” a retired patient questioned.
Not only tests and fee but patients are being now compelled to Purchase Medicines from their Respective Pharmacies against high Rates.
“It has become a mafia and doctors even route their patients to private diagnostic centers and prescribe the medicines for which they have often been taking commissions, which come both as expensive gifts or even trips to conferences abroad”, Patients alleged.
Meanwhile, Patients across the Valley have urged Additional Chief Secretary Health to take necessary Steps to Curb Loot by Private Hospitals and Doctors by Prescription unnecessary Tests, Medicines purely against the interest of Patients.



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