Plea to deploy central security force to protect Mullaperiyar Dam

Kashmir Times. Dated: 11/4/2021 1:41:33 AM

NEW DELHI, Nov 03: A writ petition was filed in the Supreme Court on Wednesday by one Stalin Baskaran of Melur, Tamil Nadu, to immediately deploy a Central Security Force to protect the 125-year old Mullaperiyar dam located in Kerala but supplying drinking and irrigation water also to Tamil Nadu.

The petition seeks guarding of the British era dam alike the Bhakra Nangal dam built on the Sutlej river in Punjab guarded by some 450 personnel of the Cenral Industrial Security Force (CISF), pointing out that the dam also helps generate electricity consumed in Tamil Nadu.

Baskaran has expressed fears that Kerala may demolish the dam any time, affecting lakhs of people in Tamil Nadu, pointing out that Kerala is opposing increase of water level in the dam despite no national or international level studies and expert reports claiming any threat to the dam from such an increase.

He alleged that the Tamil Nadu officials are not allowed to perform maintenance of the dam as agreed upon since Kerala is obstructing them free access for many years. He also referred to an agitation going on in Kerala to demand decommissioning of the dam.

The petition points out that the Supreme Court had held the dam safe in May 2014 and allowed the Tamil Nadu government to raise the ware level to 142 feet and ultimately to 152 feet after strengthening the dam.

In view of the violent activities at the dam site, the petition sought deployment of the central forces "to avert any man-made catastrophic consequences." It alleged that Kerala has not stationed sufficient police force at the trouble-prone spots, nor has it taken any precautionary measures to protect the dam.



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