CPI (ML) Liberation deplores amendments in J&K land laws

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 11/1/2020 12:41:53 AM

Srinagar, Oct: The Communist Party of India (ML) Liberation, state secretary Nirdosh Uppal has deplored the NDA-government for making amendments in the Jammu and Kashmir land laws and land resources without taking into consideration the aspiration of the people of J&K.
Nirdosh Uppal has alleged that dictatorial and fascist approach in abrogating Article 370 and 35A unconstitutionally has resulted in taking away the special status and identity of the people. He said that no precedents in constitutional norms were following for robbing the people of J&K of their identity.
The CPI(ML) Liberation state Secretary has said that amendments in land laws and resources amounts to robbing the people of their constitutional rights guaranteed to them under J&K Constitution and Indian Constitution. The land reforms in J&K were unprecedented that granted land to the tiller and empowered them to the extent had nothing of this sort had happened in the country in the wake of J&K’s Accession to India, he added.
Nirdosh Uppal alleged that these amendments in land laws will give rise of land mafia, big landed estates and control over resources on the pretext of development and grabbing of land by the corporate houses. He said that big corporate houses will make a beeline to J&K for taking the small land holdings of the people and then enslave the owners in the name of development.
He said that J&K laws protected sale and transfer of agricultural land with the aim protecting the interests of the farmers, but the amendments will destroy the farmers and dispossess a large chunk of population which was dependent on high yielding agricultural crops.
The CPI(ML) Liberation state secretary has alleged that the successive governments at the centre have already exhausted the land and mineral resources of other states of the country through nationalization in connivance with the corporate houses and now it was turn of J&K to be plundered through evil designs of the present rulers. He said that most of the land, forest and minerals have remained unexplored and protected under J&K laws till date.
Nirdosh Uppal said that the precious natural resources of J&K will now be handed over to the corporate sector by the government for their brutal exploitation.
He appealed to the people of all states to defeat communal, fascist and pro-corporate policies of BJP-led government and struggle for federal, secular and democratic India.



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