Omar blasts 'men in uniform' for filming 3-year-old child's misery

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 7/2/2020 1:30:06 AM

JAMMU, July 1: Jammu and Kashmir former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah blasted 'men in uniform' for filming video and photographs of 3-year-old inconsolable child's misery after he lost his grandfather during cross-firing in Sopore.
The video and photographs of toddler wailing on the body of grandfather went viral on social media who had received bullet wounds.
Meanwhile, after the toddlers pictures and videos went viral, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said that everything becomes a "propaganda tool" in Kashmir. He also slammed the "men in uniform" for filming the inconsolably crying child.
Taking to Twitter he wrote, "Everything becomes a propaganda tool in the bloody violence in Kashmir. A three-year old toddler has to have his misery broadcast to the whole world to drive home the “we good they bad” message. We would have got the point without his misery being filmed & shared so please don’t."
"We would have expected no less from the men in uniform than to rescue the young boy & for that they have our gratitude but we would expect better than for them to film & use a three year old’s pain the way it’s being done today," he added.



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