More Covid tests, more cases detected

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 6/6/2020 12:20:50 AM

NEW DELHI, Jun 5: The COVID-19 positive cases in India have shot up as more persons are tested. The highest 9751 persons were detected with the positive symptoms in a single day as against 9304 a day earlier as the government ramped up the tests to 1,43,661 in the past 24 hours to have 48.86 tested in the country so far. The number of tests are going up every day --137158 on Wednesday and 139485 on Thursday.
As many as 6.79% of those tested until 8 am on Friday were detected to have infection of the dreaded virus. India has recorded 2,26,770 persons found positive so far since March but it is just 0.46% of those tested. The big hike in the positive cases as against the national average of 0.46% is a matter of concern for the health ministry as health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan says the cases may go up with relaxation of the lockdown and so preparations should be made to increase hospitalisation to tackle influx of the coronavirus patients in the coming days.
Another 273 persons succumbed to death due to COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, raising the country's death toll to 6348 which is 2.80% of the total tested positive and hospitalised. The recovery rate, however, slipped to 48.27%. A total of 1,10,960 persons are still under treatment in hospitals and facilities created for the COVID-19 patients.



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