Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Is this the India we want?
By Amulya Ganguli
"The involvement of policemen in either committing the crime or shielding the accused in Kathua and Unna points to a crumbling civil and moral order. Moreover, in the age of the Internet, the horrible crime in Kathua has led to world-wide condemnation with United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres calling for the guilty to be brought to justice." Perhaps for the first time in India, or anywhere else in the world, three legislators of a ruling party have had to pay the price for their dubious role in the most heinous of crimes, the rape of minors. Two of them, who were ministers in Jammu and Kashmir, have had to resign three months after an eight-year-old girl was raped and murdered in Kathua. They had been 'misled', according to a BJP spokesperson, into supporting the accused t...
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Is it the truth..!
By Robert Clements
I attended a meeting of the Round Table last night. I was a tabler once and enjoyed every year of my being one, and am not one now because of the age rule of retiring when you are forty. The meeting started with the Aims and Objects of the Round Table being recited by all the members present. This was a new one on me, as in the old days, someone in the group read it out and the others listened.. Obviously the present chairman felt that with everybody saying it, it would have a deeper impact on the members. Kudos to him. But, does it? I watched the others as they recited the lines., 'to encourage active and responsible citizenship by cultivating the highest ideals in business, professional and civic traditions.' Did the members really know what they were saying? Did they realise that t...
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Filthy politics on women's bodies must stop
By Shevali Raina
"Violence against women is perhaps the most shameful human rights violation and it is perhaps the most pervasive. It knows no boundaries of geography, culture or wealth. As long as it continues, we cannot claim to be making real progress towards equality, development and peace."- —Nelson Mandela The ghastly rape and murder of an eight-year-old minor in Rassana village of Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir has once again brought the issue of violence against women and minors in limelight. As one reads the narratives related to the Rassana case in newspapers it is not only horrific and bringing in more discomfort but also deliberates one to ponder what is wrong with the mankind? The atrocities and brutal gang rape of the women reminds me of the famous philosopher Thomas Hobbes who...
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Why JNU would be difficult to save?
By Shiveshwar Kundu
"Just like Indian democracy is at crossroad, similarly, JNU too is in a state of despair. In a way, it is futile to blame the current regime responsible for the present crisis of JNU or in country. It is the effect of years of misdeeds and lack of principle politics which is backfiring at the present moment. Indian universities are literally in a state of deep crisis where the basic minimum condition which is required for a university to evolve is not being provided by the Indian state." Through the title I don't want to shed a sense of pessimism about the future of Jawaharlal Nehru University, instead my attempt is to lay bare the context which is indeed very frustrating and demotivating. Also, being in the campus from the last two year it seemed to me that somewhere down the line a cri...
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The budget and fifty-Six inch growth..!
By Robert Clements
“Whatcha doing?” asked the wife, looking at me standing in front of the TV, “Why are you standing at attention?” “The budget is being read out!” I whispered, “And don’t shout like that, he might hear you!” “So what if he hears me?” asked the wife, looking fiercely at the Finance Minister on the TV screen. “He might introduce a marriage tax!” I said softly, “He’s already brought in a sin tax for my beer and cigars!” “You don’t smoke!” said the wife sweetly. “Who would?” I asked, “When every puff goes to the government, and the government lets it go up in smoke!” “Oh my!” whispered my wife running to her mother and jumping with joy. “Your health insurance deduction has been raised by twenty thousand rupees!” “Wonderful!” shouted her mother, “Means I can eat more ladoos and jalebhis a...
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Murder Reveals Chasm in J&K That Needs Fixing
By Salman Anees Soz
"With politics of polarisation ascendant, political parties find themselves attending to the needs of their core voters. Sadly, this serves to further polarise politics in the state. This does not mean that the state is headed towards a division." The barbaric rape and murder of the eight-year old girl in Kathua, Jammu, has gripped the nation. National outrage has ensured that the course of justice in this case will be carefully monitored. Along with the Unnao rape case, the Kathua case has once again brought the national spotlight on gender-based violence. However, there is one aspect to the Kathua case that is unlikely to garner similar attention, and that has to do with the evolution of politics in Jammu and Kashmir. Insidious Poison of Polarisation Needs More Attention While the g...
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Get Started..!
By Robert Clements
We all love making resolutions to lose weight or start a hobby or something, don’t we? The problem is getting started. Dorothy Heller illustrated this with an all-too-true poem: I spent a fortune On a treadmill, A stationary bike And a rowing machine Complete with gadgets To read my pulse, And gadgets to prove My progress results, And others to show The miles I've charted – But they left off the gadget To get me started! Of course they left it off! The gadget to get us started lies within. And the best part is...since you already own it, you can use it anytime you want. A funny story has it that, late one night, a party-goer decided it would be best to walk home. He found a shortcut through a poorly lit cemetery and, in the darkness, stumbled into an open gra...
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Belittling Nehru's legacy will harm India's democracy
By Ram Puniyani
Last few years there is a concerted attempt on the part of the ruling BJP to ignore and undermine the legacy of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minster of India, the architect of Modern India. In the international meets his name is deliberately ignored. He does not find a mention in the National archives Museum on 'Quit India' movement. In many school books chapters on him are being deleted. The Government spokespersons are trying to attribute all their failures of present government to Nehruvian policies. At social media level dirty propaganda about his being a man living in luxury, his ancestors are making rounds. The misinterpretation of events of history is being used to the hilt to blame him for partition and Kashmir issue. Mr. Modi went on to say that Nehru did not attend the fune...
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Just as I am..!
By Robert Clements
Billy Graham is dead. The man who was revered by every American president, who vied to have him at their Inaugurals, died two weeks ago at the grand old age of ninety-nine. Two years ago, visiting Chicago, I had gone over to the Billy Graham Museum, and with all the humility within me, tears welling up in my eyes, I had seen exhibits revealing the story of the simplest, yet most powerful preacher of all time. I saw his weather-beaten briefcase, his old Bible, and did not dare touch the wooden, worn out pulpit, from where he’d quite often delivered his powerful messages. And then I heard the strains of, ‘Just As I Am Without One Plea.’ It was a hymn sung after every message he delivered, and as choir voices rose in crescendo, thousands upon thousands in the audience, stepped out onto the...
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Asifa case fallout favours PDP but……
The PDP-BJP coalition in Jammu and Kashmir has just managed to survive and cross the hump. But it has crevasses ahead to negotiate as it embarks upon the crucial second half of its 6-year constitutional tenure. For sure, the superficial truce worked out by the foes-pretending- friends, in the deafening fallout of the Asifa-rape-cum-murder case, is too brittle, too shallow to survive the predicted turbulence ahead. Feelings on either side are surcharged as a result of the tormented underdog-- PDP -suddenly rediscovering its political muscle and the Big Brother-BJP-left to licking the wounds of its moral helplessness inflicted by the compulsion of circumstances. It is neither forget nor forgive in real terms. By all indications, the real issues are left hanging. Some of these have the...
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Silent Prime Minister award..!
By Robert Clements
Very few know that like the Oscars, the Global Leadership Organization confers awards on world leaders for qualities displayed during their tenure at the helm. At the Global Leadership Awards Night, the audience waits for the most ‘Silent Prime Minister of the Year,’ award to be announced. There is pin drop silence as the emcee opens the envelope, “We have only one nomination for the ‘Silent Prime Minister’ award, as much as Trump was our only nomination for ‘Loudmouth of the Year award!” he says to the hushed audience, “and before I announce his name, we will show you some scenes which helped this Prime Minister win the nomination.” The giant screen comes alive, and a man is seen running to a Prime Minister: “Mr Prime Minister, a little eight-year old girl has been raped and killed! Sh...
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