Monday, August 20, 2018
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Politics & lynching
By A.G. Noorani
AT long last, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed, in measured words, his disapproval of lynchings, which have spread since he took office. He never deigned to condemn them or their perpetrators, who are his supporters. Consider, in contrast, Ivanka Trump's condemnation of "white supremacy, racism and neo-Nazism", unlike her father, who drew scorn after the bloodshed in Charlottesville last year for refusing to condemn the white supremacist rally, described by Ivanka Trump as an "ugly display of hatred, racism, bigotry and violence". Violence does not erupt by itself. It erupts only after the atmosphere has been fouled by hate speech. Severe condemnation from the top leadership is indispensable for checking the crime. It awakens society to its values, deters the culprits and embolde...
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Pray for Kerala..!
By Robert Clements
In god's own country, as the advertising people call it, demons of floods and rain seem to reign. Desperate men and women stand helplessly on rooftops, wade through swirling waves, and panic stricken try to gain higher ground as flood waters rise, engulf and shatter hopes of the state. Through all this comes the pitiful cry, "Pray for Kerala!" And I hear my mother's beautiful voice from childhood kitchen singing a song I grew up with. It is a scene in which Jesus and his disciples are crossing the sea in a small boat, when a furious storm overtakes them. Their vessel is tossed from side to side like a matchbox. Petrified, they look around a18th Augnd find their Master unperturbed, fast asleep in a corner of the boat. They rush to him, wake him up, as my mother sings with urgency, 'Maste...
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Human Rights
NRC and the Rationale of 'Final Solution'
By Ram Kumar Thakur
"The politics and rationale behind NRC at a face value is utilitarian at its core 'greatest happiness of the greatest number'. The number games needs to be historicized and humanized and the challenges of producing and procuring certificates must be reflexive to variety of contexts in which people in the margins live and navigate. The human costs cannot be unburdened through immediacy." Recently, I came across two films dominated by a theme of an apocalyptic future, one of them was Avengers Infinity War and the other one was Mission: Impossible-Fallout. What makes them important for me is the political philosophy of the antagonists behind their zeal for a balance in the cosmos. The rationale behind their reasoning's were crudely utilitarian at its core. In Avengers, Thanos wanted to wipe...
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Shelter homes or hell holes?
By Vasudha Rao
"As our nation was debating about these horrendous rapes of girls, when another eerily similar story of a shelter home in Deoria in UP breaks out. In the state of UP, the government continues in power as if nothing happened. After all, where is the necessity to even, pay lip service when girls are abused? Beti bachao, Beti Padhao is meant to garner votes, not for action thereon." Jabbar Patel's "Subah" in Hindi & "Umbartha" in Marathi was a film, which won many awards. In that movie, Smita Patil plays the role of the in charge of a shelter home for women. She discovers that a local MLA has been abusing the inmates of the home for his lust. Umbartha was released way back in 1982. Jabbar Patel knew, about the rot in society unleashed by our Netas more than three & half decades back. Since ...
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Corbyn, Palestinians and Brexit
By Gwynne Dyer
It sounds like a tempest in a teapot, but it could bring down Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Britain's Labour Party - and that could end up meaning that Britain doesn't leave the European Union after all. It started last Saturday with a photograph in the Daily Mail (a newspaper that regards Corbyn as the Devil's second cousin) of the Labour leader laying a wreath in a cemetery in Tunisia four years ago. He had laid it, said the Mail, at a memorial to the Palestinian terrorists who planned the attack that killed eleven Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. It was a calculated attempt to paint Corbyn as anti-Semitic, and the mud stuck. The Mail also published a 2013 video in which Corbyn said that Palestinians were experiencing "conditions in the West Bank, under occupation, of t...
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India Shining..!
By Robert Clements
There is shock and disbelief today as India mourns a statesman! There was shock and disbelief that day, when with a failed advertising campaign that portrayed India Shining, the last shining star in the Indian horizon was swept away in an election. Many felt a terrible sense of loss; here was a man who had shed his political robes and ruled as a statesman, had kept aside his beliefs and had fearlessly called a spade a spade, and yet the Indian electorate harshly moved him out of Race Course Road, and sent him on the road to oblivion. And yet it is not into oblivion that he went, though, from that day of leaving his Prime Minister’s abode, and though he kept a dignified silence, it is not into nothingness that Atal Bihari Vajpayee went, he goes into the immortal hall of fame. There was ...
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Military and Common Public
Hope and Paradox in Kashmir
The Cordon and Search Operations (CASOs) have become the daily routine of the forces. The CASOs have not only made the social lives hell, but have also destroyed the economic properties as well.
By Roohul Amin Malik
During the phase of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led collation with the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in Jammu and Kashmir, the approach to deal with separatists like the Hurriyat, youth stone-pelters and militants had remained very much aggressive. No doubt, in their common minimum programme of alliance, it was mentioned to create an environment of talks with all stakeholders in the Kashmir Valley. But, in practical terms there was something else. Many of the separatist leaders were under house-arrest and some of them were jailed too. A few of the leaders were raided by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). The same was the case during the National Conference and Congress-led previous governments. The only difference, which is now marked, was the rise in the brutality of the arm...
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Happy Birthday India..!
By Robert Clements
There's a big birthday bash for India today, as all the countries line up to greet the young seventy-one year old. " Happy Birthday India!" says China as it marches up with jade bowl gift and a smirk, "May you become as great a super power as I am!" "I already am," smiles India, "with a billion and more people who can think what they want, say what they'd like to and not get butchered in Tiananmen Square when trying to express themselves! I am a super power!" "May your rulers rule long!" sniggers Pakistan. "Ah," smiles India indulgently, "my rulers rule as long as my people wish them too, not like yours who rule at the whim and wish of your khaki clad generals who bring down governments which don't tow their line! My rulers are the people, and may their rule be long!" Tibet who h...
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Lynching to Nowhere
By Kuldip Nayar
More gruesome details about the Alwar lynching have come to light. Rakbar Khan, the victim, could have been saved if the police had acted in time. In fact, the force stopped for tea and wasted three-and-a-half hours in reaching the victim to the hospital. He bled to death. If one were to put all the pieces together, one would come to the conclusion that the police delay was deliberate. The religion of the victim-he was a Muslim-has been his undoing. Inquiry would give details but there is no doubt that the police were keener on recovering the two cows from him than saving his life. The cows were taken to a gaushala (cow shed) 10 kilometres away, a good one hour before Khan was brought to the community health centre, a six-kilometre drive from the attack site. According to data available...
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Make Mistakes..!
By Robert Clements
Singing in one of the best choirs in the country; the Paranjoti Academy Chorus, and under the illustrious Coomi Wadia, I think I have been spoilt silly. A point she emphatically enforces is that in case a choir member makes a mistake during rehearsals or even during a performance no other member is to turn round, correct the person or even show disapproval. With this beautiful, but simple rule, members of this secular choir sing out, make mistakes, get corrected only by the conductor and learn to sing vibrantly, harmoniously and produce great music together! It was last week I was invited to sing for another choir, for a concert they were practicing for! It was a whole new lot of choristers and new music I was going through. I followed what I'd always done; sang out and made a mistake...
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Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Beef & Hindutva Gang
By Shamsul Islam
"The violence unleashed by Hindutva cadres on vulnerable sections of Indians also underscores hypocrisy as an integral trait of the RSS. In fact, to say that it indulged in double/triple speak would be an understatement in its case. RSS cadres are killing indiscreetly poor Indians, not only for slaughtering cows but for even transporting these animals." The denigration of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first PM of India and a prominent leader of the anti-colonial freedom struggle by the Hindutva gang is endless. After Gandhi, he continues to be the punching bag of the Hindutva no holds barred attacks crossing all civilized norms. In fact, the Hindu nationalists who assassinated Gandhi (January 30, 1948) also discussed whether Nehru could also meet the same fate. He is the same character who in...
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Playing T20 in Test cricket..!
By Robert Clements
And with the freedom my imagination gives me, I take a flight to England, where the emigration officer asks, "Purpose of visit?" "To watch our young lads beat yours on the cricket field!" I say pleasantly. He scowls and waves me in, and as I bask in perfect summer weather, I can't help think it's the ideal setting for an Indian win; peaceful, calm, no chilly English wind, but a cheerful sun, people lazily sipping beer, sportingly lifting their glasses when there's a good stroke or ball bowled from either side. I wave to Virat who walks over a marked scowl on his otherwise determined face, "What's wrong?" I ask cheerfully, "Everything!" says the Indian captain, "My boys are playing T20 cricket in a Test match!" "Are you guys always in such a hurry mate?" chuckles an Englishman looking ...
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Article 35-A
By A.G. Noorani
"Article 370 of India's constitution records a compact between the centre and Kashmir, so does Article 35-A; Articles 370 and 35-A form an inseparable whole, which was negotiated over May to October 1949. It was agreed between Jawaharlal Nehru and J&K's delegation headed by Sheikh sahib. Nehru recorded it in a note dated July 20, 1952. The terms of the agreement were explained to the Lok Sabha and to the J&K constituent assembly." ARTICLE 35-A of India's constitution says that no law for Jammu & Kashmir, existing or future, shall be void as being violative of the fundamental rights if it touches "permanent residents" or confers on them "special rights" on government jobs, acquisition of immovable property, settlement in the state or rights to scholarship or other forms of government aid....
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Majority of a Majority..!
By Robert Clements
Mumbai was terrified a few days ago! So was Pune, Nashik, Thane, Aurangabad, and most towns and cities around the financial capital. "Will the mob enter our shops, destroy our offices, raze our homes?" "Will there be the burning of buses, forcible stopping of trains!" "Could there be violence, police shooting, deaths?" "Will our children be safe?" Mumbai trembled as Maharashtra shivered! There was reason to fear: 31% of the people of the state were angry. Thirty one percent, who wanted a reservation quota! Quotas created to help the weak and marginalized were now demanded by those with only one advantage, the advantage of not being disadvantaged, but having the luxury of numbers! What an irony! Today a Chief Minister tears his hair, as he tries to give in despite a supreme c...
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