Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Rupees 2000 notes hoarded as black money
Dear Editor, It refers to currency-crunch generated because of rupees-2000 notes not coming back to banks. It is clear that these much-criticized notes have become a convenient parking place for hoarders of black money, thus killing the very purpose of demonetization of earlier notes of rupees 500 and 1000 on 08.11.2016. Instead of fearing from criticism, Prime Minister can announce a sudden demonetization of rupees-2000 notes also as a caution that such steps can even be frequent in case those playing in black money do not do away with their business of creating parallel economy of black money. Unlike earlier demonetization of 08.11.2016, any such fresh demonetization will not practically affect commoners because ordinary people avoid accepting rupees-2000 notes and as such these may ...
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Costly wedding-cards, platters, cash-envelopes in marriages
Dear Editor, It has become a fashion and trend of people from upper-middle and higher income groups to spend heavily on fancy wedding-invitation cards made of wood and cardboard worth several thousands of rupees each which are practically of no use. Rather those getting such invitation-cards pull out necessary portion of programme-details, and start pressurising their minds about utility of such apparently costly but useless remnants. Also costly platters with imported items where Indian substitutes are better and cheaper and cash-envelopes from brides’ parents have become necessity in marriage-celebrations for show of status. Interestingly misusers of such trends in their elite gatherings themselves criticise such trend, but want some others to take initiative to stop such a practice. ...
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Abolish totally useless constitutional provision
Dear Editor, It is a common knowledge that state Legislative Councils (Vidhan Parishads) are nothing but white-elephants on state-exchequers to rehabilitate favorites and relations of political rulers at heavy public-cost, that too absolutely without any fruitful public-purpose. Vidhaan Parishads in states which were gradually being abolished by many states in post-emergency period after 1977 with just five remaining at a time, are being gradually revived to politically rehabilitate favourites of political rulers. Since these serve absolutely no purpose, constitutional provision of having Legislative Councils in states should altogether be abolished. Already massive misuse of the constitutional provision has been reported repeatedly. UP governor Ram Naik in the year 2015 returned list o...
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Finance Commission-National Interest is first
Dear Editor, An important question is being raised by the southern states that the 15th Finance Commission (FC) award is biased against the states that have pursued population control are unfounded…. In reply it is said that for the 15th FC to identify the rightful needs for the states for allocating resources, the population base of 2011 is a fair one. The concerned states objections must be satisfied by the FC to their fullest satisfaction before implementing sharing of revenue among States. But the vote-bank politics must not be played by politicians, for their selfish interests by saying that South is being hurt by it. The economic progress of the state must not be ignored It is unfortunate that many political leaders are focusing on State subjects -overshadowing national interest ...
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SC judges should withdraw their resolution for life-time domestic help
Dear Editor, Supreme Court judges in November 2016 had passed a resolution gifting themselves with life-time domestic-help for self and spouses at public-expense. Reports indicated that such gifting was done because it does not look nice that retired judges of the top court queue up for depositing bills of essential services like water, telephone and electricity. In present era of on-line payments, no one need to visit receipt-counters for making such payments. Moreover retired judges have handsome pensions from which they can easily afford domestic help. Otherwise also most of them being from legal profession, must have adequate savings from their earlier profession. By the time of their retirement, their children and even grand-children may be well set up to take care of daily needs of...
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Rape hang culprit in public
Dear Editor, Most beastly act of violence is rape. It is shocking and shames for the whole country that very frequently a lady is being raped in India Even today in spite of changed scenario in society all rape cases are not reported to the police. In fact, innocent victim’s life is almost lost as memories of heinous crime remain in her mind and the person responsible for such a criminal act mostly not effected at all. No sane person can rape. It is his mental ill balance which prompts him for such a crude act. The measure to avoid such an act in the society in fact crude punishment is required like hanging him till death in the public place so that others of such a low character learns a lesson. In fact, these persons who act in most inhumane way are just fit for mental asylum only. ...
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New Delhi Railway Station again a new look
Dear Editor, It refers to reports regarding New Delhi Railway Station again a new look in coming months. But whole exercise is just part-utilization of heavily-spent funds till a space occupied by UP Roadways in vicinity of the area is handed over to railways for developing prime-most railway-station of capital city of India really an international look. UP Roadways can be given alternate plot in vicinity of some inter-state bus-terminal in the city. Even now buses of UP Roadways run empty to the area occupied by it in vicinity of New Delhi Railways Station after emptying the passengers at some inter-state bus-terminal. Such a shift will be advantageous to UP Roadways itself because of saving of diesel and staff-hours in uselessly running empty buses to a place most needed to Railways fo...
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Salary and pension of Central Information Commissioners
Dear Editor, It refers to media-reports that central government is considering idea of fixation of salaries of Central Information Commissioners to be left with the governments rather than their being at par with those of Election Commissioners having these equivalents with Supreme Court judges. Whole system of fixation of salaries and pensions of Central Information Commissioners is faulty, irrational and unequal. While Central Information Commissioners coming from IAS background are getting pensions from their parent cadres in addition to some nominal amount received from Central Information Commissioners, those not having any previous service get a meagre amount like Shailesh Gandhi having just rupees 10808 per month as pension. There are others who get either much less or nil pensio...
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Cauvery issue merges states
Dear Editor, It is unfortunate that Cauvery water dispute has taken an ugly scene in Tamilnadu. IPL matches are being shifted outside Chennai. As suggested by the Supreme Court, the Centre must frame the scheme acceptable to both the states Tamilnadu & Karnataka. In 2007, violence had erupted after the tribunal's ruling. Once Supreme Court has given its decision, it must be followed. However, political agents have dared to use it to their purpose, exploiting people's emotions and instigating violent protests. While protests should be part of democracy, violence poses a larger threat to the very democratic foundation of this country. All efforts should be to arrive at a peaceful solution. Also, the river is this country's resources. The states can share it. But to seek sole right custo...
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RBI cancels licence of Axis Bank to import gold
Dear Editor, It refers to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) withdrawing licence of Axis Bank to import gold for the fiscal-year 2018-19. Gold has always been a favourite parking-place for unaccounted money. Central government and RBI should take some corrective measures so that investment of unaccounted money in gold may not be an easy task. Only public-sector banks should be allowed to import gold to be sold to desiring ones including private firms, companies, individuals etc. RBI should introduce Know-Your-Customer (KYC) forms for all those desiring to purchase gold as bullion or jewellery. It should be mandatory for importing banks and resellers of gold apart from jewellers to get KYC-forms filled up in duplicate from their customers and to submit to concerned government-department. Prese...
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Suggestions to promote philately for revenue and public-interest
Dear Editor, To induce newness in system and for earning extra revenue through philately, Department of Posts should traditionally issue an altogether new definitive series of postal-stamps and postal-stationary simultaneously in all denominations every year on first day of new financial year which should also be date of revision of postal-tariffs if any. However colour of a particular denomination of a postal-stamp of definitive series should be same but with change in design on basis of theme selected for that year. A representative of main opposition party should be traditionally included in the advisory-body to decide on issue of new postal-stamps to avoid any political bias in choosing personalities to be figured on postal-stamps. To popularise postal-services over private couriers...
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Tassaduq's agony commendable
Dear Editor, Since Tassaduq Mufti is a new entrant in politics and has not learnt the true traits of the politicians yet, therefore he has the guts to say that the coalition parties that are governing the state of Jammu and Kashmir "were supposed to be partners in rebuilding of this place but, sad to admit this, due to non-fulfilling of commitments we have ended up being partners in a crime that an entire generation of Kashmiris might have to pay with their blood". This anguish expressed by a Minister of the PDP that is headed by his sister is more than sufficient to portray the state of the affairs prevailing in the state. He has mentioned many points of anxiety in his conversation with the Indian Express like ill treatment to the state by the centre, non-implementation of comm...
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