Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Facebook, you & your data
The recent events of hacking call for robust data protection for privacy of citizens around the world
Hacking of email accounts, stealing of personal details of credit and debit card holders and corrupting the data on someone's laptop are some of the evils that have crept up in the modern day world of digitisation. Some incidents like stealing money from the bank accounts of individuals do not have a far reaching impact on the lives of people around the globe. But mass harvesting of data from the social networking platforms and using the same personal details of the users on large scale has been a matter of concern for everybody. Since the digital world has reduced the entire planet into a global village, the data protection of individuals has become a subject of study that calls for robust data protection. Moreover, questions have been raised over the safety of data, which has been used ...
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Let's debate AFSPA reasonably
Blanket impunity to armed forces and blanket rejection of demand for repeal are both unacceptable
Union minister Hansraj Ahir's contention, while abjectly rejecting the demand for withdrawal or amendment of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), that a proposal was under consideration to make the AFSPA "more operationally effective and humane" is misleading and marked by ambiguity. The AFSPA gives the armed forces unbridled powers to arrest without warrant, shoot at sight and open firing in civilian areas as part of counter insurgency operations without being held accountable and without giving an explanation for the justification of their acts. Jammu and Kashmir, where AFSPA has been in existence for nearly three decades, has a poor track record of massive allegations of human rights violations by the armed forces which remain uninvestigated till date. In most cases, AFSPA is u...
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Hold BJP ministers accountable
Some coalition ministers' functioning smacks of authoritarian and autocratic behavior in dealing with issues of public importance
Far from offering good governance and a transparent and accountable administration, the PDP-BJP government in Jammu and Kashmir has been unable to come up to the expectations of the public, not only because of the inherent ideological incompatibility of the two alliance partners. Despite these compulsions and differences, when the foundation of this alliance was rooted in a Common Minimum Programme (CMP) sketched out in the Agenda of Alliance (AoA) which focused on both political outreach and in equitable development. It hasn't been able to do either; the former because of the constraints under which it is operating and the deepening militaristic as well as chauvinist line being adopted by New Delhi with respect to Kashmir conflict and the borders and the latter because of lack of compete...
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Congress plenary session
What the oldest political party, Congress needs above all is a clear and granular action plan for meeting the challenge of Saffron Brigade
Rahul Gandhi as president and his Congress leaders appear to be taking on a more aggressive posture, attacking the BJP for its divisive ideology and its failings on the governance front. Other party leaders have also been quite aggressive in taking on the regressive policies of the Saffron Brigade that is ruling the roost in the corridors of power in Delhi for almost four years. But Rahul Gandhi and his associates had little to spell out by presenting an alternative vision, other than claiming for their party the space given up by the BJP at the Congress plenary session in Delhi. Most of Rahul Gandhi's speech was a strong tirade against the BJP and its two main leaders, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah. Narendra Modi was linked to corruption with a reference to the...
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Killing fields on the borders
Increasing bloodshed on the borders should inspire India and Pakistan to sit up and put an end to violence by promoting dialogue and friendship
The killings of 5 civilians in Mendhar on the borders and injuries to 7 persons including 5 soldiers cannot be seen as mere aberrations but need to be seen as part of the landscape of increasing spate of violence on the borders, due to which civilians living on the borders are becoming a major casualty. Sadly, they are not even counted and their tragedies go down unnoticed or reduced to simple footnotes in the larger military games played by the armies of India and Pakistan. In the last several months, the killings of civilians on both sides of the borders have reached a crescendo and an all time high since the 2003 ceasefire. 93 civilians have been killed at the borders between 2015 and 2017. This figure is likely to be on a higher side this year. By end of February, ceasefire has been v...
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Ban on LoU credits
The RBI's ban on a legitimate financing instrument is not the solution and will hit business of both imports and exports
The Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) decision to put a blanket ban on Letter of Undertaking (LoU) as well as Letters of Comfort issued by the bankers to businesses for international transactions may hit both the business of imports and exports from India. The decision coming a month after the Rs 12,800-crore LoUs fraud at Punjab National Bank was detected appears to have guided by haste on the part of RBI. While the NDA-government has been in fire-fighting mode, unleashing all investigative agencies to probe the fraud, this is the first major step by the central bank on the issue, apart from asking banks to ensure that there are no slip-ups between their core banking systems and the SWIFT mechanism used for international money transfers. LoUs are among the most popular instruments to secure ...
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Messy affairs of airlines
DGCA and other agencies should formulate long-term policies for ensuring safety of passengers and avert chaos on airports
Grounding of several aircrafts by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) belonging to two private airlines, Go-Air and Go-Indigo, resulting in cancellation of scores of flights on various routes causing inconvenience to passengers appears to be kneejerk reaction from the regulators. It also exposes the lack of planning and regulation process by the central government in checking the airworthiness of the aircrafts. This and other steps taken by the DGCA have only gone further in securing the life and property of the passengers. In fact, ignoring the faults in the aircrafts being operated by the private airlines amounted to increased risk to the life and property of the passengers. The DGCA decision is a welcome step but it has raised more questions about the flight safety than answe...
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