Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Struggle between democracy and fascism in India
By Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal
The act of attacking, thrashing and man-handling Swami Agnivesh, a well-known 80-year old monk and a peace activist, in Jharkhand does not only signify the new low in the socio-political discourse that is pushing the country to deeper levels of intolerance and culture of lynch mobs. It reflects the struggle between rationality and irrationality, between civility and barbarity and between democracy and fascism. The episode is shocking for many reasons. In a country where lynch mobs and the ease with which goons can maul humans and where such hooliganism has become the norm, Swami Agnivesh's man-handling, though not as brutal in scale, is symbolic of a deeper rot. The incident is apiece with the lynching culture that is becoming the norm that has encouraged people to act as a collective to...
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Cattle smuggling in J&K
Stringent punishment is required to handed down to miscreants, who have been giving communal colour to this phenomenon
Cattle smuggling of milching animals, sheep and goats for different purposes in Jammu and Kashmir appears to have assumed alarming proportions particularly after the unprecedented floods in whole of the state in September 2014. The trafficking of cattle after the floods, in which over one lakh cattle perished, has increased in view of the high demand of the farming fraternity for milching cows in particular because these cattle drive the economies of rural households besides meeting the demand for the fresh milk. The demand for meat from goat and sheep apart from the poultry birds is also high as usual because of high consumption of mutton and its by-products in whole of J&K. But there has been a lot of skepticism over smuggling of cattle for the purpose of slaughter which may be misplace...
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High-inflation worries
The Wholesale Price Index (WPI) figures of the month of June require a closer scrutiny so for as macro-economics of Indian market is concerned
The latest data which shows a sharp surge in wholesale inflation in June this year to four and a half years high of 5.77 percent is a matter of serious concern for the policy makers of the country. It is a sad state of affairs that the WPI considered a measure of price gains is back in the national spot light after a long time. The factors responsible for such inflation are not far to seek under the present circumstance which paint a grim scenario of the economic activity in the country. It is a considered opinion that the WPI is no longer the primary focus of approach to target inflation by the Reserve Bank of India in comparison to monetory policy formulation having ceded that role of Consumer Price Index (CPI) - the gauge remains significant economically. In this direction the measure ...
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SC on waste management
The Supreme Court imposing fines on ten states including J&K for not having any policy on management of waste material speaks of the crisis
The Supreme Court slamming more than a dozen states in the country for not having a policy on waste management speaks of the crisis that is gripping the urban centres. The SC disgust was apparent when it had to impose fine on ten states including Jammu and Kashmir for not having installed any infra-structure to treat waste material generated on daily basis in the cities. In fact, the SC slammed these states for not even being serious in filing their replies to a questionnaire that sought details of the policy prepared by them for treating the waste material. It is common knowledge that at least 25,000 tonnes of plastic waste is generated on daily basis in India after single use by the consumers. This waste is a by-product of packing used for ready to eat foodstuffs and other items of dail...
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India's net neutrality
India leads in having strongest net neutrality regulations which will provide relief to the internet subscribers
The Telecom Commission's approval to the recommendations of the Telecom Regularity Authority of India (TRAI) on Internet neutrality will have long term and far reaching consequences in helping secure the rights of the Internet users in the country. The Telecom Commission's step will also help the Internet users in having free access to the digital data available on the world web besides maintaining access without any licence from the private companies that have been trying to weed out the users, who will not be their subscribers. By endorsing these steps that call for amendments to access services licences for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Telecom Operators, the Telecom Commission has made it clear that any violation of net neutrality will be treated as a violation of the licence ...
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Tragic mishap in Reasi
Deficiencies in district hospital and absence of doctors calls for an inquiry by the higher-ups in the state administration
Death of at least seven holiday-makers and pilgrims besides injuries to over 30 persons at Siyarh Baba pilgrimage destination in Reasi on Sunday afternoon is both tragic and sad. It is all the more tragic that the fun-flocking atmosphere turned into a tragedy for the pilgrims and holiday-makers, who were visiting the pilgrimage site on the weekend. It is also sad that the pilgrims lost their lives for no fault of theirs when the sliding rocks hit them when they were having a bath in the waterfalls on Sunday. The otherwise peaceful and serene atmosphere became a site of mourning for the visitors at this pilgrimage destination, where no such accident has been reported at least in the recent years. The landslides hit the site when no one at this place had ever imagined that such a tragedy wo...
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Excellence in education
The centre should work in raising the quality of higher education across the board with an attempt to provide equal opportunities to all students
The NDA-government does not appear to have taken seriously the issue of achieving excellence in education so far as its expansion and inclusion of all sorts of students is concerned. This also involves providing equal opportunities to students from all the sections of the society including those, who are talented but cannot afford to get admission in Institutions of Excellence (IoE) both in public and private sector. Time and again, the successive governments have promised to provide equal opportunities to students from economically and socially backward classes for participation in IoEs, but these students have never got an opportunities to get coaching and training for getting in to such institutions. Keeping in view these shortcomings, a working group was constituted for making necessa...
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Indian response to UN report could have been different
By Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal
The Indian official response that the report "is fallacious", "prejudiced" and "builds a false narrative" are words that are out of sync with everyday reality of Kashmir - its burgeoning landscape of military bunkers, gun totting men in uniform, violent stone pelting protests that have become the norm and use of disproportionate force to unsuccessfully quell these protests with bullets and pellet guns; and in the backdrop the tormenting memory of three decades of gross violation of human rights abuse including murders, tortures, enforced disappearances and rapes. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres' support to the recent report of United Nations Human Rights Commission, on alleged human rights violations in Kashmir, as recommended by high commissi...
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